Valbonne by Molton Brown : The Ultimate Winter Scent

Talk about being late to the party!

If you read even semi-regularly you might have seen previous posts about finding fragrances here and can probably easily identify my love of fruity, floral summer scents.
I do love a good, sharp oriental scent, too, but they take a while to settle. This usually means that I only start liking them after I’ve selected a different scent.

So, my confession is that I have never properly owned a winter fragrance. 
I have gotten loads of perfumes for Christmas, all of which remind me of winter, but they are all very definitely Spring scents.
Except for Tommy Girl, which smells like Lemon Tea, and therefore not very appealing.

Today I found my first ever winter fragrance which I can’t wait to own.
I’m just gutted I only discovered it in March.

Behold, Valbonne Unisex by Molton Brown.


This will be my first in many ways.

I have never ever bought a Unisex fragrance before, fearing that I will come off too masculine. In fact, even on days when I have run short of anti-persperant I am reluctant to use Mr Kitty’s Whore Allure in case I smell like a gentleman.
I have never bought a fragrance from a non-fragrance house before.
I have never bought a fragrance which is the same colour as whisky.
I have never bought what I consider to be a “sharp” fragrance.

However, I received a sample of this in an unexpected Birchbox this week and am very impressed with it.
It has all the makings of a fragrance I would never wear – it goes on sharp, smelling of Charlie, but settles into a heartwarming aroma.

I’m no scent doctor, but I find it reminiscent of Midnight Mass and/or funerals, with notes of Frankincense.
That might sound sinister, but the truth of it is that I love a good funeral.
Just this Sunday I was walking past the Irish parade and got a hearty whiff of Brut, my Grandad’s go-to Funeral Spritz, and was blessed with a wave of fond nostalgia for time spent in the confusion of funerals as a child.

You have to understand that, for someone who has been to more funerals than birthday parties, and said more posthumous rosaries than acts of contrition, a funeral is a warm, family-filled event with the promise of a good old fashioned knees-up to follow.

The smell, to me, evokes the mystery of ceremonies you know very little about. Whatever is in that golden cage on the altar, the homily in Latin, and the interesting looking bottles of liqueur poured out for the Christmas Eve visitors to our home, with their smells and smiles and rosy cheeks.

Plus, like I said before, its unisex. So the £65 pricetag is totally justifiable because Mr Kitty can share it.

Get yours here.



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