Love the One You’re With

As I mentioned yesterday, I work for a VERY well known Home Shopping retailer in the UK. If you haven’t guessed who that is from recent posts and the massive hint I just gave you …. then you will never know.

Like I also said recently, I’m a big fan of “keeping it in the family” so to speak – representing the home team.
Wearing our products.

It kind of helps that the majority of our products are fabulous, so it has never been a huge effort for me.

With that in mind, I wanted to spread the love and share some of my favourite picks from our current collections that  I plan on rocking this spring!


Beach Chic

Get the Blues

I never used to wear blue until someone respected told me it really suits me.
I’m pale and dark haired, so it kind of enhances those things, and makes me looks like a siren from a mythical lagoon. I’m alright with that.
Anyway, this is the first springtime I’ll be fully embracing blue hues and I’ve got my eyes on the above items.
1. French Connection Bloom Voile Printed Dress, £87
2. Freya Hello Sailor Belted Jersey Tunic, £35
3. LoveLabel Belted Striped Bandeau Dress, £29

All 3 will look fab with the Converse Chuck Taylor Low Tops I purchased recently.

For me, this Spring will also bring a brand new experience. A wedding.
I am not tying the knot, however, I will be attending the first ever wedding of my adult life, which is quite exciting, not only in terms of a wonderful celebration… but of what to wear!

Check out my shortlist (and a few other items!)

 spring weddings

These dresses are all absolutely fabulous, but I have plumped for #3 – a versatile, gorgeous, floaty and flattering Hilfiger number.
Find your faves here:
1. Coast Floret Shift Dress, £95. 2. Vila Blumen dress, £45.  3. Hilfiger Denim Frederique Dress, £70.
4. Coast Hayworth Satin Print Dress, £160. 5. Coleen Floral Dip Hem Dress, £49. 6. Myleene Klass Printed Maxi Dress, £69.

So, if that hasn’t given you the shopping sweats, I don’t know what will.

If, like me, you’re twitching at the thought of so many beautiful items, imagine being SURROUNDED BY THEM DAILY.

It is a delicious burden.



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