Doing my Little Turn on the Catwalk

Anyone who has been reading for a while may remember that in October last year I had a fantastic opportunity to take part in an internal fashion show at work, where I was lucky enough to be thrown in with a tonne of professional models and strut my stuff to showcase our home-brand fashion.

I had an absolute blast, and assumed it would very much be a one-off experience.

Cue floods of excitement last week when I was invited to another, albeit less fancy, fashion show at our HQ to showcase our Spring/Summer collection.

I have to say, either I’ve become a dab hand at modelling, or this experience wasn’t nearly as nerve-racking as the first time. This might be down to the location – instead of a huge, lumbering catwalk, there was a modest runway surrounded by the smiling, recognizable faces of my colleagues. Lovely!

Anyway, I’ll cut to the all important information.
What did I get to try on?

Check it!


I actually got to try on loads more than this, but the above are the only items which are available for purchase right now.

1. So Fabulous tropical print dress with Mesh Detail – Buy it here for £45. I loved wearing this – it is really very flattering, and the panelling detail make the cut suitable for most shapes. The only gripe I had was that the mesh was a bit too tight – but I have weird arms.

2. Rock & Candy wedge sneakers – £59 from Here.  These wedge sneakers are obscenely comfortable and look really cool with almost anything. I absolutely love them!

3. Love Label Kimono – Get it here for £35.  Mine is slightly different to this, in that its neon pink – but I love this purple version too!

Alongside this I got to try a few lovely, floaty dresses,  some torn effect ankle grazers which I loved, and was lucky enough to take home, countless pairs of heels and sandals, loads of gorgeous blouses – all coming soon to Very and Littlewoods – so keep your eyes peeled!

Since I work for such a lovely company, I was allowed to take a pair of sandals, the jeans and the kimono home with me, and they will all be coming along to Greece tomorrow!

Its not all about stuff, though. I learned a lot from the models and stylists I came into contact with over both events. They put me in outfits and combined items I would never dream of wearing, and they looked fabulous.
At one point I was in a grey lizard-print jacket, shiny leggings and a pink tshirt – sounds heinous – looks fabulous. It has definitely inspired me to be a little bit more experimental with styles I usually steer clear of.

All the excitement of being around professional models, on the catwalk, trying on so many styles I wouldn’t normally, has really inspired me to consider work as a model part time. Of course I’d have to be a plus size model, but I think that would be right up my street! Any advice on this would be 100% loved.

Have you had any similar experiences?
Would you have the confidence to have a go?



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