Island Escape

Tomorrow, I will be visiting Greece for the first time in my life.
I’m a little bit ashamed to say that I reached 24 without visiting Greece, since I’ve spent so much time, money and effort visiting more far-flung destinations multiple times.
I’ve always rather fancied Greece, purely based on how tasty Baklava is, and how much I loved watching Shirley Valentine with my Nan when I was a child.
Don’t get me wrong – we’re not going on a Rowdy Roddie holiday – we have found a lovely quiet village with a beach and lots of activities, squillions of miles away from Zante and Kos.

Anyway, I have been packing. We’re doing the old cheap and cheerful so I have a 10kg limit, which actually allows for much more than I anticipated.
Nevertheless, I am somewhat an expert in light packing. So here is what I’m taking:


Its important to note that the McQueen Bag pictured is actually the closest I could find to a bag I bought from Matalan last year, at just £8.
The Agent Provocateur $900 Silk Kimono is representative of my Stock Sample Kimono given to me in the fashion show last week. I love it – the one I have is actually much nicer.

Everything else is exact.

I’m always really torn when going on holiday about which “look” to go for. For packing purposes, its always easier to run with a theme so that your outfits are pretty much mix-and-match, and because my wardrobe is already heavily composed of Nautical items, I usually opt for that.

However, since being in the fashion show (post coming soon) as an “Ibiza” style model, I have found myself craving neon clothing, and bright colours, which is quite out of character for me, but they also really suit me.

To quench my thirst for both, I’ve added a few pinky/coral items to my luggage this time, which will go nicely with the navy and white!

It was really really difficult not to ditch the nautical theme in favour of a tropical print look – encouraged specifically by this bikini from Topshop.  Its definitely on my wishlist for our end-of-summer holiday.

Do you have any tips for packing/styling on holiday?
Do you know any last minute Greek phrases I should learn?



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