Dog Swimming.

This week at work, I was passed a link to a service in Manchester which I find infinitely exciting.

For a long time, I have dreamt of owning my very own swimming pool.
Not to feel like a hotshot, not to keep fit, but so that I could go swimming with my dog.

I love to swim.
My dog loves to swim.

We have never been able to swim together.

Until now.

Not very far from where I live, there is a magical place called K9 Swim. They specialise in hydrotherapy for dogs to treat all kinds of injuries and conditions, but also have “fun swim” sessions which you can book just to have a paddle with your pooch.

I literally cannot explain the excitement I felt when I learnt about this service, and wasted no time in booking myself and Pighegsmer a 30minute session.
The cost is £20 for 30 minutes, including full use of their doggy dryer facilities, plus the human swims free – and you get the pool completely to yourself.

If you have a dog, or like me, treat your dog like a baby, I strongly advise planning a day by the pool – especially if your pet is a waterbaby/pooch.

I’m so excited, I’ve even been asking the poor thing if he’s excited about going swimming.

Obviously, he doesn’t quite understand.

Is this something you’d do with your furry friend?



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