Reverend Blue Jeans

Doug Heffernan is not the only person to have mistaken Neil Diamond lyrics for something they were not.

For a percentage of my younger years, I believed Reverend Blue Jeans was some sort of really hip protestant that I would never hear preach – because I am catholic.

As a direct result, I refused to wear jeans altogether until I was about 15, thinking that it was “uncatholic” to do so – as if denim had anything to do with deities! 

I spent a lot of prime time not wearing jeans, and now I’m trying to catch up. 
I’m still a bit unsure on Blue Jeans – subconsciously, I still feel restricted by faith – but I did just buy some really lovely Pink Skinny Jeans from work:



Ain’t they lovely? 
They are lovelier in person.

You can get yours here. Except those are the ankle grazer version, because the luscious long ones sold out.

Probably cause they’re awesome. 


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