A delightful accident

I literally never ever have a “good” hair day. I sometimes have acceptable hair days, and most frequently I have “just tie it up” days, but today was different.

Today was a good hair day.

I got out of bed at 6am to do my ritual (and irritating) 30minutes of frenzied sneezing, and my hair. Looked. Amazing.

Accidentally amazing.

As if I had been somehow windswept as I slept, it had all cascaded over to the wrong side of the parting – but oh how right it was!

For years, literally years, I have despaired over my inability to recreate Ariel’s luxurious, bouncing and buxom fringe but always came in just short of looking like I’d pinned a wild bit of hair to the wrong place in a high wind.

This morning, however, I wouldn’t have been surprised to look at my legs and find I’d traded them to the sea-witch for beautiful hair – because, seriously, I would have snogged my hair.

I got a bit desperate in my joy – I wanted to tweet Peter Serafinowicz – I don’t know why, I just thought he might understand, perhaps because of his own tremendous work with Elvine Onehair.

Some of you ladies out there will not appreciate the joy of suddenly finding your hair looking fantastic – because some of you manage to look wonderful every single day.
Let me tell you, though, if you’re not used to waking up and looking good…. its a pain in the arse.

I started to worry about how I was going to get dressed to best compliment my hair! What a ridiculous thing to worry about!
I panicked that I don’t have blue eyes – so my hairdo might look like I was just someone plain trying to look exceptional.
I even started to worry that I have a lazy eye.
Who gets that paranoid?

My main worry, though, was how to maintain this masterpiece I had found atop my head.
Did I leave it be and risk the wind spoiling it?
Do I comb it, and risk ruining it altogether?
Do I just leave it – will anyone know its “just got outta bed” hair?
Most importantly : how do I repeat this happy mistake? 

And this is where my account of this fabulous day ends – because I don’t know what to do.

Has anyone else ever found themselves in this situation?
Can anyone suggest a good way of keeping your hair as-it-is?




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