An Incredibly Unrealistic Wishlist

I’m getting a bit bored of reading blogs with endless wishlists of expensive, luxurious lotions and pricey jeans which, lets face it, can’t be better than Levis.

I get the value of mental shopping for this stuff – maybe its some sort of really visceral and exciting feeling of release for an intense longing of really stupid junk, so I’m having a go at it myself.


1. Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block.
I have recently been reading Ingrid’s blog Magpie Librarian and whilst stalking some of her older posts noticed talk of a character called Weetzie Bat who seems to have escaped me in my early teens.
I feel I’ve been somewhat diddled out of a great reading experience, so I want to remedy that.
It’s tough to find in the UK though.

2. A Lonchamps bag. There’s nothing else to say about it – in a savvy moment in Greece I almost bought a knockoff one, but stupidly decided against it. Hopefully I’ll come across them again soon, or bite the bullet and buy a real one. I actually only included this to make the picture look nice. I just ‘wouldn’t mind’ one.

3. A Puppy – specifically, ideally, a cocker spaniel puppy. Just like my old man Piglet. Do you hear me Mr Kitty?

4. My very own Trollied Dolly dress. I have perfected my Gonsalves and Hall collection, and this is the other UK-Obtainable Modcloth-stocked brand that I’m aware of besides Yumi.

5. An Aloe Vera plant. I have recently proven to myself that I can cultivate plant life by successfully rearing a lavender plant, cacti, sweet peppers, basil and finger chilies – and Aloe Vera is supposed to be good for air purification, plus its very pretty.

6. Airline tickets. It’s summer and that always makes me want to travel. We have loads of travel plans in the air right now – we’re taking a trip to Spain with my Mum & Dad in September and Mr Kitty’s parents have invited us out to Portugal when they head off there this August.  We have also been invited to China, as well as wanting to plan another trip to Memphis, whilst Disneyworld, Florida has recently presented itself upon our radar (Thank God!)
note: we are NOT so liquid that any of these far-flung trips will be realistic – unless you want to contribute!

7. A yellow rose bush. I flipping love yellow roses – they just spread happiness. I’m not sure how successful I would be at caring for one, though.

8. A really nice bookshelf. My friend showed me some furniture she’s restored recently and it reminded me of how good it feels to have nice furniture which looks high quality – even if its not. TV cabinets and tables and stuff are not really on my radar, but a bookcase always draws my eye.

9. A Schwinn. This is because of a running joke with my brother, but also because my own bike is in a sorry state. In reality, a hybrid will be much more beneficial for how I cycle, but I would love a nice little basket.

However… I am 24 and by no means rich, we lived in rented accomodation with comes with furniture and doesn’t allow animals and has limited space for cumbersome bicycles. That reduces my wishlist a little.

If anyone has a copy of Weetzie Bat I can borrow… let me know.

What ridiculous, unrealistic junk is on your wishlist?



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