It’s a Bum ‘Ting – or Where to Fill your Knicker Drawer

I’m just going to be direct here, guys.
Knickers – we all wear ’em. Probably.
Bras – most of us wear them, too.

I’m the sort of girl who wears both. Forgive me if this is TMI, but sometimes they match – sometimes they don’t.
Regrettably, sometimes they are older than they should be – but always clean!

Before I took the plunge and moved to the city I used to treat my boobs and botty – I’d buy them Mimi Holliday, Frostfrench and even Agent Provocateur on occasion – oo la la!
But now… I’m a City Pauper and my Pooper & PomPoms don’t benefit from nearly as much pampering as they used to.
I had to innovate – where can a girl cover her coconuts without spending a wad?
Enter George at Asda – with their unexpectedly luscious selection of lingerie!

bum ting 1

Do you have big bad boobies or modest Minnies? It doesn’t matter – George will get you fixed up for a reasonable price!

I had to admit, at first, it was a bit suspish chucking knickers in with my weekly bigshop, but these guys literally have you covered. Or uncovered. Whichever you prefer.

Whether you want you Ha-Ha’s hoisting or your Buffers Boosting, they have the correct boulder-holder for you.
Do you want to strap your sisters in for a bouncy gym sesh? Let George hold them!

But whatty whatty about your botty?
They’ve got it, baby!

bum ting 2
Do you want to floss? They’ve got thongs!
Not that way inclined? (me either!) – they’ve got full on Paddywhacks to slim & trim!
Somewhere in the middle? Get freaky with their French knickers!
Their pants ‘partment is so jam packed full of booty-beauty I reckon that Paris Hilton must have been wearing George all those times she got fannypapped.

Speaking of getting freaky – expecting to be seen?
You’ll be literally stripping off at every opportunity with their matching sets (above) starting from around £12!

What can I say? My knicker drawer is 90% George @ Asda these days – plus you can even get your Wonderbra there – Wunderbar!

Get your silkies, cottons, balconettes, boyshorts, budgie smugglers, tighty-whiteys,  hold-ins, hold-ups, hang-outs, and no VPLS all HERE – all reasonable prices & fab quality!
Tell them Kitty sent you.



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