This Retro Fix is Retro-Fit

I know I’m always harping on about Modcloth . Its because they’re awesome.
I swear they don’t pay me or give me anything.

As you know from my constant moaning, I find it hard to be so in love with Modcloth because they are so far away that it takes my items ages to arrive!
That’s not their fault of course, and their items are totally worth the wait, its just that I’m very impatient when it comes to lovely things in lovely packaging.

Anyway, I asked the lovely ladies at Modcloth about some of their suppliers – and abandoning the secretive spirit of e-commerce, they blabbed that Trollied Dolly supplies them, and that Trollied Dolly are UK based.

I couldn’t believe my eyes – and once I started to trust them again, I hopped right on over to the Trollied Dolly website and visually pigged out on their gorgeous dresses.
This was a few months ago, and due to not being able to splurge too much cash, I’ve been watching the dresses intently.
Sadly, my favourite has now sold out, but I’m still lusting like a mad bitch over these ones below!


Their dresses retail at a flat rate of £55 which is fantastic given the style and cut of each one.
Right now, selected dresses are reduced to £44 (one week only) and they have a few winter clearance lines on site too.

Normally, I find a company I like and I tweet the bejeezus out of them – but these guys are so retro they aren’t on Twitter. I kind of love that.
They are, however, on facebook, and they are lovely chirpy cheery folk not unlike the lovely ladies at Modcloth.

I am watching from the side lines until payday – but I’m really stuck for choice on which one of the gorgeous girlies above to treat myself to.


I promise selfies!



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