On becoming a Youth Mentor : The Happiness Project.

If you read yesterday’s post about vintage hair then you will have read about my Happiness Project and how I resolved to learn one new skill every month.

The very first skill I set about learning was actually a set of skills which I could demonstrate by becoming a Youth Mentor.
I have also posted, briefly, about my Youth Mentor training in Biscuit Manners Part 1 and Part 2.

Yesterday evening, all of my training came to fruition and I completed my Youth Mentor training with The Factory Youth Zone in Harpurhey.

Basic CMYK

The work that The Factory do is fantastic, and Young People can be involved in all kinds of capacities.  I’m really looking forward to getting going with my Young Person/Mentee.

Obviously, because of confidentiality, the above statement is the most you will ever learn about my work with my mentee, too!
I will say a few things about my training, though.

The training was done by the Mentoring Programme Coordinator Sarah and was split over 6 weeks/6 units.
Some of the topics covered included listening, identifying safeguarding issues, goal setting etc – things which, before starting, I thought I knew enough about already.

I knew I was going to get something out of mentoring a young person – but I thought it would just be that I’d feel awesome about contributing to my community. I was wrong.
I’ve gotten so much out of the training alone, as I haven’t even been matched to a mentee yet!
I have learned about myself, my personality, I’ve learned how to listen effectively, how to be properly empathetic and how to read body language in certain situations.
I feel so socially able – not to mention being a professional at biscuit etiquette now!

If you’re living in the Manchester area, are lovely, and have the inclination to give something back to the happy young souls of North Manchestser then why not volunteer yourself?

You don’t have to be a mentor – their team of coordinators are great with meeting you and discussing your skills and training needs, and placing you where you want to be, and where you will be valuable.



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