Sexy 6: Or everything I want from River Island @ Asos

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I love window shopping.

Before I make any purchase, I always thoroughly window shop the site. It’s really good for getting style ideas and building mental wishlists. It’s really bad for my bank account…because I usually buy extra stuff I hadn’t bargained for.

I often shop on ASOS because it’s just so amazingly jam-packed full of great products, to suit any budget.
I was stoked when Primark launched on ASOS earlier in the month, because I’m a cheap bitch – but sadly their current collection is made up of either stuff which I already bought from the store… or stuff that won’t look awesome on me in particular, although its 99% wow.

I find that ASOS is so succulently stocked at all times that it’s really hard to make any decisions if I browse the whole store. Their massive selection is BRILLIANT if I know what I want… but if I just want anything, I get into trouble.
This time, I decided to narrow my browse by selecting River Island.

Why River Island?
I wanted something classic and timeless, but with a quirky edge. Where else would I go?

asos @ ri

Here are my top picks from River Island at ASOS – some of them I bought…some of them I’m still lusting after.

1. Matilda Skinny Jeans with Aztec Pockets.

I didn’t buy these yet because my size wasn’t available onsite – but I love River Island jeans and will be heading to my store tonight to pick some up. Although torn jeans are probably not commonly associated with being classy, I think there is something really elegant about this style of torn jean. They remind me of my Mum in the early 90s.

2. Squishy Black Bowler Hat


Luckily, I did buy this, as its sold out now. The bowler hat is the item I’d actually gone to ASOS for in the first place. I’ve always loved how quirky yet refined a black hat looks on a woman – and amazingly they work with loads of different outfits. What persuaded me to actually buy a bowler hat was that I’d had a dream about having one, and it looked amazing. Here’s hoping it does when it arrives!

3.  Sacha Slipper Shoes


I just love these. They are simple and quirky at the same time. They’d look great with dresses, skirts and jeans alike. Perfect festival footwear…if the rain holds off!

4. 3/4 Sleeve Slinky Wrap Dress


Oh I just love this! All you have to do is look at it to see why I needed it. An absolute bargain at just £35 – and also available in Black. Cannot wait until it arrives!

5. Midi Dress in Print.


This is perhaps one of my favourite bits from their collection – I can just imagine rocking it with my bowler hat and Sacha sandals and a black tribal belt!

6. Oversized Fringed Leather Blanket Bag


I just love this bag! It takes me back to a wonderful day I spent at the Grand Canyon with some “genuine” Native Americans. Since my brother and I were very young, the ladies helped us to make some feathered war bonnets which were wonderful and which we also had to leave behind at customs when we came back to the UK. Hardest goodbye of my life.

I really want this bag! I’ve spent up on the other bits, though. Fingers crossed its still there when I go back for it.
I would use it every day.

What was your favourite piece?
Will you be rocking a bowler hat this season?




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3 responses to “Sexy 6: Or everything I want from River Island @ Asos

  1. So tempted by that beautiful printed midi dress!



  2. Loving the bag and the bowler hat. I really do love wearing hats and they seem to suit me too. My hair is messy naturally curly and really long so when its in need of a wash (i only ever brush it when wet or id look like the hair bear bunch) a hat is my go to bad hair day rescue. I made a great ebay purchase of two headband rasta hair wraps and i LOVE them. Im going to add pics and links to the seller on my blog today, you may like them too. They arrived yesterday and i wore one all day yesterday and it felt so good not having the headache from having my hair scruffily ‘bunned’ up to keep it from getting in the way.

    I think my favourite hat though is my Aussie leather hat that Pete bought me at christmas. After stealing his so often when out and about he bought me my own and its super cool. With it being leather it keeps my head at a good temperature, gives me shade from the sun and wind and also keeps me dry in a downpour. I do get comments from folk saying they expected me to have an Aussie accent though so i must have that triple 4X look about me.

    When you get your hat, you should show a pic of you wearing it.

    gaynor x


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