Rainbow of Lust.


This weekend I spent some time with my BFF and my Mum – both of whom are very nicely tanned, and both of whom often wear these crazy bright clothes which I love. 

The catch?
I’m a proper Pale Gail, and most bold, tropical colours just wash me out – especially orange, which is a shame, because I love orange.

I went home with a feeling lamentation and sadness, and dreamt about rainbows.
(I actually dreamt about the Slenderman and woke up at 4am silently screaming for help – but that doesn’t compliment the story as well).

So the Slenderman got me up early, and I decided to make a lust list of rainbow-brites I just don’t have the confidence to buy. With the exception of the Yellow cardigan from Yumi. Love that.

So, here are my wishful picks, in rainbow order.

Red – New Look Mandi Polka Dot Prom Dress

Orange – Josh Goot Scuba Dress

Yellow – Yumi Lace & Heart Cardigan

Green – Uttam Boutique Daisy Print Dress

Blue – Jessica Simpson Block Platform Wedges

Indigo – Adidas ClimaLite Mesh Shorts

Violet – Fair + True Print Pencil Skirt

Compiling this dreamy wishlist I came across a brand that is completely new to me. Fair + True, which specialises in fair trade fashion. They seem to be relatively new, but definitely worth a look here. I really love some of their print items – wild but lovely.

 Are there any pale girls out there who can help me to rock some bold & bright?




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3 responses to “Rainbow of Lust.

  1. I think green looks good on pale skins. Especially that grassy green on the dress. With your dark hair i bet it would stunning with the contrast of dark hair, pale skin and the green.

    Go for it.

    Gaynor x


  2. Totally with you loving bright colours and i wear them too. Today im i bright coral jeans, at the weekend i had really bright pink jeans on. I adore the two dresses above and would wear both of them. Especially the green one, that looks so versatile. Id have to hippy it up with a zillion bracelets and funky necklace with my hair in a scruffy bun but it would look equally good being ‘smarted up’.

    In fact i really really do love that green dress.

    Gaynor x


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