Confessions: What’s REALLY in my Handbag.


Money Supermarket are running a promotion to find out exactly what is inside of a woman’s handbag – and what it’s worth!
I had toyed with being completely honest and sharing a picture of my bag including all the receipts, an empty KitKat wrapper and some other pretty gross stuff, but decided this would be a great opportunity to clear out my beloved Next doctors bag and feel renewed!

Please excuse the blurry picture above – the good camera is on the blink – so I’ve broken it all down into smaller images, too!

The Bag was purchased from a Next sale about 2 years ago – and I adore it. It cost me £12 but the RRP was £36.
It has a structured metal zipper which gives it a “boxy” top half, and has a really lovely slouchy bottom – which is even slouchier now because it’s so old.
Despite Next being fabulous quality, I have used this bag every day since I bought it, and its now looking a bit tatty and threadbare in places – plus the (gorgeous) floral print lining is getting holes in it – and I’m forever losing loose change in it!

So…what’s inside?


1. Business Cards. I literally never give these out – I’m always too embarrassed. Nevertheless, I bought a pack of 50 for £12 from They are lovely, and I have given 5 out so far.

2. The Scent. Thanks to my fantabulous Mr Kitty I have several purse sprays, but right now I’m carrying Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. Most people are familiar with it – its just so timeless! It’s £52 from Boots with 3x 50ml refills.

3. The Lippies. Yes, I have 2 lipsticks in my bag – that’s pretty good for me. One time I counted a disgraceful 8 lipsticks! Yes they are both Clinique – but no they are not the same colour. 1 is ” Honeyed Amber” and the other is “All Heart”. They are very similar, but one has a shimmer to it. They retail at about £15 each, although I got one given to me, and one from the USA – but that’s still £30!
I love these as I can use them as emergency blusher touch-ups if I suddenly find myself looking washed out while I’m on-the-go.

4. The Book. I have a book with me constantly, even if I have my Kindle with me too. This one is Wonderland Avenue by Danny Sugerman (who was Manager of Iggy Pop, among other claims to fame). It was given to me by Mr Kitty, and has proven fantastic reading. It comes highly recommended for anyone who likes a story about a tearaway…or anyone with a deep appreciation for Jim Morrisson. The RRP on this is £11.99 but you can probably get it cheaper from Amazon.


5. The Ray Bans. I drive, so I keep my Ray Bans with me 365 days a year. I have pretty sensitive eyes as it is, and sometimes after a day sat in front of my screen, I just want to throw on the goggles for the drive home. Plus, they are trés chic! These were £125 from Duty Free and my favourite gift to myself.

6. The Purse. I usually love a good floral, light and floaty purse, but my friend has this beautiful wallet-style one in a very deep tan and I just loved it. I decided to get my very own when we visited Corfu this year – I believe it’s in Mulberry style, but its unbranded. It was 8 Euro. The contents? I rarely keep change on me, so right now there is £2.48 in there, plus First Class train tickets to London (from work – I’m going on a course) worth £48. There is also a Buy One Get One Free Alton Towers pass in there which is technically worth £47. That’s what it’s saving me.
Also, surprisingly, I have just found the following in my purse:
£10 Asda giftcard
£50 receipt for fuel expenses I’ve forgotten to claim
£7 worth of US Dollars from a Holiday I took over a year ago.
That makes my purse alone worth £172.48!

7. The Vintage Stratton Compact. This little relic has long since run out of its powder – in fact, it belonged to my Nan, who had it given to her by her Nan, who had bought it in the 1930s – that makes it at least 74 years old, and a WWII survivor. The powder cake has long since been used up, and fallen out – but the mirror is still intact and good as new. I’ve been asked tens of times to sell it to various people, but this is probably one of my favourite things in the whole world – and I’m not sure how much it’s worth in monetary terms, but it’s priceless to me!

14. The iPhone 4s 16GB. I’m not in the iPhone 5 club yet, and I don’t really mind. I love mine! This is the first iPhone I’ve ever had, after a lifetime of Nokia, and I’m so glad I became “a mac”. Its the easiest and most intuitive phone I’ve ever had, and its cleverness never ceases to amaze me!  Plus its like my ultimate camera buddy – I love to pap everything.  This will set you back £449 ish.

13 14 15 16

9. The Work Mobile. I’m a Social Media bod – so that means I have to be connected 24/7 – so it’s totally normal that I have 2 mobile phones rattling around my handbag. My work phone is a Nokia 610 – since I switched to Apple in my personal life, I’ve never been a big lover of Nokia, but it gets the job done. RRP £165.99 (I thought it was worth more!)

10. The Comb. For emergency back-combing. Nobody likes being caught with their hair misbehaving! This was about 59p from Bodycare.

11. The Nail Polish. I always carry a dark nail polish with me – in case of emergencies. I’m the sort of person who is really distracted by chipped nails, so if I inadvertently scuff one while I’m out, it drives me mad. I’m carrying No.7 Stay Perfect in Navy Blue right now – it’s perfect for a repair job  as it covers all colours – and has even been known to hide chipped shellac. You can see my review on it here or buy it from Boots for £6. It’s often on 3-for-2 as well.

12. Car Keys & House Keys. So that I can get into my car! I love my Sun Studios keyring, which I bought for myself at Sun Studios. I am probably the only person on God’s green Earth who has actually bought a keyring for themselves. The car keys are worth the same as my car (lets assume it got stolen) – and so about £3,000 (its an old car) plus my iPod which I (always, stupidly) leave in the glove box, along with an umbrella £4 and some lip balm £2. My Keyring was $1 and the rest gifts. I can’t even begin to imagine what my house keys would be worth – nor my Parents’, which are on there too! Lets say the bunch of keys, in total, is worth £4,000 minimum – but only about £20 if you don’t include the car & house etc.


13. The Notebook. Not the movie. I’m an ideas person – I like being able to make a note of things as they spring to mind. I carry a small (or in this case pretty large) notebook around most days as I hate storing information in my Phone (I always forget it).  This one was £4.99 from TK Maxx.

14. The Bobby Pins. I’m pretty sure every girl’s handbag is full of these. In all honesty, my life is full of these – they are floating around everywhere. I use them to pin my hair, obviously, but also as emergency paperclips and other small-job tools. They come in all price ranges, but I lose or bend them, so I get 100 for 99p at Bodycare.

13. The Pens & pencils. To make emergency notes in the notebook!

16. The Mini Foundation. I had this little bottle given to me containing a sample of Estee Lauder’s Doublewear foundation and found it so handy for carrying around in my handbag for those emergency touch-ups. Once its empty, I re-fill it – either with more Doublewear (£36, Estee Lauder) or with Diorskin (£32, Christian Dior). Its really handy – and much safer than carrying around a full bottle of foundation. I have been known to smash them!

And there are the contents of my handbag – vetted and tidied, of course – but pretty honest. With the exception of crumpled bits of “To-Do” lists that’s it!

How much does that come to?
I’m astonished to say £1,047 – not including the car, because that’s a bit silly.
I literally cannot believe that. I’m going to have to look at insurance.

Do you think that the true value of your handbag would surprise you?

Why not enter yourself? There is a chance to win a Mulberry handbag, purse and iPhone case. 6 Runners up will also get a £25 ASOS voucher – which is awesome.

You can enter here until July 1st.

Good Luck!



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