Visiting China: Part 1

So, as you know, Mr Kitty and I like to get about  travel-wise. (We aren’t massive sluts with poor regard for monogamy!)

(Image from WikiTravel)

This year, we’ve decided to take a break from visiting our beloved Memphis (We’ll be back in 2014) and visit his Aunt, who is currently living in Shanghai, China.
We will be making the mammoth journey in October.
Since neither of us have visited Asia as grown ups before, we’re unsure about the best way to travel.
Give us a mission to visit America, and we are so there.
Send us somewhere else, outside of Europe, we’re woefully inexperienced.

So, over the next month or so, I will be sharing my quest to book the perfect break in China – and to ask for help!

Which brings me to the real reason for blogging about this.

Who do we travel with?

I am a huge believer in cobbling together your holiday yourself (if it saves money!) and love the thrill of trying to beat myself at pricing and quality of airlines and flights. For trips to Europe and the USA, I consider myself something of a professional.
For Asia, I’m struggling.

We want to travel from Manchester to Shanghai and after some research today, I have discovered that the flight differences are obscene. 

We have found flights with Emirates, Qantas, KLM, Virgin Atlantic and a few more with varying layovers in Dubai, Amsterdam or Munich for anything between 2hrs and 18 hours – for prices as varied as £500 to £1500 on the same day!

Neither of us have traveled with Emirates, Qantas or KLM. I have traveled with Virgin, but only to the USA.

Basically, we aren’t very fussy. We just want a reasonable amount of leg room, comfy(ish) seats and a pretty high survival rate.

Virgin Atlantic are a great carrier and I adore their service and overall business ethic. They are fun and friendly, their aircraft are always spotless and their service is second to none – plus  you can fly there with them direct for around the £700 mark from Heathrow.
That’s a fantastic price and they are a fantastic airline.
However we want to fly from Manchester, and many airlines operate flights (with layovers, admittedly) from MCR for around £550.

KLM, like I said, are a brand with whom I have little physical experience, but I love their approach to communicating with their customers. Their social media team is wonderful and have always given me great inspiration to travel.
Has anybody out there got any stories of travelling with KLM?
Share some info!

Emirates? Qantas? I have no idea – what have you got for me?!

Right now, I ask you, my lovely readers….

Can you help?

Tell me your China stories!



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