Where is the love?

Here it is!

I’ve noticed lately in the Blogosphere the girls have been way too catty for my liking. Where’s the sisterhood? Where’s the love?

I’ve seen tweets like “OMG can’t believe that TRAMP has blogged THAT!” and I’ve seen blog posts outing people for their methods of gaining readership – which I believe is their prerogative (just like its your prerogative what you blog about, perhaps making this a “moo point” in the words of Joey Tribeyani).

I’ve seen more than my merry little eyes can handle and want to make it clear I will have NO PART in this hatred!
I will spread love alone!

So… without further ado, I would like to launch Feelgood Friday!

Every Friday, while you’re all tootling off to do your #FF and whatnot, I’ll be penning this love letter to my fellow bloggers and the internet in general.

I’m going to start with a blog I have been following for quite a long time – since back in my creative days about 2 years ago.
I’ve made a good few of her tutorial items, and they have all turned out perfectly.
She’s like… SO glamorous I get envy of her life when I wake up every morning.

Ladies and Gentlemen…
Kristen Turner of Glitter & Glue! 

(All images below are from Glitter & Glue) 

DIY Awesome Shoes.

Strappy Sandals GnG

DIY Stud Pumps

stud pumo

She does other stuff besides shoes – but her shoe DIYs always look so awesome and easy!
I’m giving the scarf-wrapped shoes a go this weekend.

So there is the Feelgood Friday blog flattery – I hope you all enjoy reading Kristen’s blog – I know I do.

I’ve got some great Feelgood Friday blogs to share over the next few weeks – but if you have any other blogs you think are lovable, leave the links in the comments!
I’m always looking for new reads – and hey, everyone loves a bit of self promo!




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2 responses to “Where is the love?

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  2. Feelgood Friday! What a fab idea. Spread love, not hate! You go girl. Keep up the great work! xoxo Kristen


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