Weekend Roundup

If you read this post you will know I had loads of stuff planned for the weekend.
If you know me at all, you will know that close to none of it happened.

Here is what did happen.

1. The dog had his hair cut. Daww.


2. I joined the Library.

3. I went to see Despicable Me 2. And it was awesome.

4. I did a Despicable Me 2 inspired manicure. It was wobbly. I will post a tute tomorrow, when I’ve preened it.

despicable me

5. We made a FLIPPING MASSIVE Sunday roast, that made us both feel ill. Stupid beef.

6. I did this DIY from Glitter & Glue but forgot to photograph it.

7. I hit the town with Mr Kitty and managed to bust a move to Blurred Lines no fewer than six times. I find this to be a huge success.

8. I finished reading Life of Pi. Finally. I’m really gutted I didn’t find it as amazing as everyone else.

9. I started reading this. Yes, its a kid’s book. Yes, I love dogs.

one dog

10. I baked an amazing chocolate fudge cake. There’s still a bit left, if you want some.

11. I found this picture of Steve Buscemi and realised my life was complete, and went to sleep peacefully.


How was your weekend?
Was it that amazing?



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