Despicable Me-nicure with Sharpie.


I had this briliiant idea on Sunday after watching Despicable Me 2 (which was awesome by the way).

I decided to do a minion-inspired manicure!
A bit mental, I know, but it has definitely been a conversation starter this week so far.
It even ilicited a response from a person who makes a point not to say anything pleasant to me, which has been great.
Plus, it’s really cute and not that hard.
It works better if you have a steady hand (I don’t) or proper tools (I don’t).

So, here you have the Manicure which is tried & tested as a successful relationship repair tool.

 you will need 1

What you need:

A Yellow polish. I used Avon something or other.

A white polish. Yellow rarely goes on well. I used Saffron London.

A blue polish. I used OPI.

A Buffer Block

A Cuticle pusher – or whatever you call them

A Sharpie Marker

An inimitable sense of fun.


Step 1. Buff your nails with the buffer, file them, push back the cuticles. We might as well do it properly.

Step 2. Choose which nails you want to be minions – I just did 2 – and paint those white. Paint the others blue.
Optional: Excuse my fat, stubby hands. They don’t look like that in real life.

desp stage 2

Step 3. LET THEM DRY. This is the crucial part of this manicure being successful is to let the stages dry.
I did this while I was sat watching the last 5 episodes of The Sopranos season 1, so I did 1 stage every episode. You don’t have to leave it that long, though. Just about 15 minutes between coats should do it.

Step 4. Paint the “minion” nails yellow. Keep the brush wet – make it at smooth as possible. Don’t forget to let them dry!

desp stage 3

Step 5. Bring the White polish back. This part is the beginning of the fiddly part. With something small and thin, draw the eyes onto your yellow nails. Try to do it so that the bottom of the “eye” sits at the mid-point of your nail.
I used the wick of a birthday candle to do this.
* You need to leave this bit to dry for as long as possible. If this bit gets lumpy or smudged, it’s back to the drawing board!

 Desp stage 4

Step 6. When you’re absolutely positive the white has dried, and I mean dry like the Sahara, it’s time to whip out the Sharpie.
Dot on a little eyeball, and draw the goggles onto your minion. Starting to take shape, isn’t he?

Step 7. This is optional, but I think it sets the mani off really well. Using the Blue OPI you painted the rest of your nails with, trace a french tip across each of your “minion” nails – quite thinly. This is supposed to look like their dungarees.

Et, Voila!
Your Minion Mani is complete. Give it a lick of top-coat if that’s your thing.




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2 responses to “Despicable Me-nicure with Sharpie.

  1. This is so brilliant! Such a fab idea.
    Steff Xx


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