Memory Lane Monday

This isn’t going to be a feature but it’s something I really wanted to share with the whole entire world because I felt so proud when I found it.

This weekend I went back home to visit the ‘rents and the dogs, and help them clear out the back garden & 2 sheds.
One of their sheds is an absolute treasure trove – the contents of my Grandparents’ house is inside of it, carefully packed away after being deemed “too painful” for my Grandad to sort through when my Nan died, and “far too painful” for us to sort through when he followed with her a year later.
When I say treasure trove, I mean the sort of thing that would look like 99% old junk to a person who didn’t know them, but something which is absolutely priceless to all of us.

Among all of this (boxes of screws, bent nails, plates, birthday cards and even a Children’s Bible from the 1940s), we found my Nan & Grandad’s Wedding Album carefully wrapped and slid into a wooden box, which was then carefully placed into a drawer – all by my Grandad.

Here are a few of the pictures –  I couldn’t share them all, there are hundreds.

This was September 1956 in St Mary’s Church – where the rest of their family went on to be Christened, Confirmed, took their first Holy Communions  and tragically, in the case of 2 sons, buried.

Nan & Gran2

Cutting the cake, Stella & Peter.
They kept the top section of this cake until they both died – it still sits in a box in our house.

nan n grand 2
Father of the Bride.

nan n grand 3
Maid of Honour & Sister

Nan n Grand
Another chapter of a very happy and laughter-filled family beginning.

Being very young, I also remember some of her wedding dress being stored at their house – a source of endless wonder for Baby Kitty (named after her mother). I think, in keeping with tradition, her wedding dress had been cut to make the christening gown for my Dad & his 4 brothers – so only a bit of lace and the veil remained by the time I was born.
I still have her wedding shoes, though.
They don’t fit, but even if they did, I could never wear them.



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