Travel Tuesday: Photos from Rome

For the foreseeable future I will be posting Travel Tuesdays on the blog – mainly to “put me on” until Mr Kitty & I hit Spain in September, and China in October.
(We’re not rich – Lady Luck has just kissed us recently).

Last October we visited Rome, Civitaveccia, The Eternal City – so here are a few snaps from our journey.
Apologies to anyone from Instagram who has already seen them.
Anyone who doesn’t follow on instagram can see my profile here.


The Colosseo.


Pope Benedict XVI said a special mass for the Canonisation of the Blesseds.
Such a strange turn of events with this Pope – I was happy to see him say mass and think he came across as kindly – but frail.
It might be a rotten thing to say, but I do favour Pope Francis – he has a lovely warm face.
Lets not do religious talk, though.


A beautiful and unremarkable Roman street.


The Trevi Fountain.
Throw in a coin and you leave your heart in Rome.
I did.

Vatican 1

The doors of St Peter’s Basilica (The Vatican).

Next Week: Memphis, TN.



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