Feelgood Friday: Tallulah Love

This week’s Feelgood Friday is brought to you in a slightly different format.

Last week I screamed about MyCakies and the week before I raved about GlitterNGlue – both splendid blogs from the USA. This week I’m going to shout out to a retailer from Old Blighty.

First of all, let me state what I consider to be a divine truth – if you’ve got nice underwear on, you’ll feel good.
I can’t express how much more confidence I have when I throw on a well-fitted and good quality set instead of the everyday primark rubbish.
Even though nobody is going to see it.
Can you guarantee, as my Nan used to say, that you won’t get in an accident and have to be cut out of your clothes?

I know I recently posted about filling my knicker drawer at Asda – which is true – but this FGF is written by the part of my soul which loves something luxurious and expensive.

Step up, Tallulah Love.

Seriously, ladies.
Forget about your Mimi Holliday and your Agent Provocateur – Tallulah Love is the place to treat your botty and your bazookas to some grade-a treatment.

In the current climate loads of you probably scrimp on bras and knickers – but why?
TL’s collection start from just £18 per item and are consistently GORGEOUS throughout the range.

Let’s go from the start, huh?
Click their link above and I guarantee their website alone will make you feel sexy.
It’s got that feel  of Moulin Rouge naughtiness mixed with very obvious quality.

I have to admit that I’m a knickers lover – no G-strings for me thank you – and TL have a wonderful selection of bootylicious knickers!
My favourite in their drawers drawer is the Vintage Lace knickers, pictured below.


These retail at £45 which is very reasonable considering the material content includes vintage lace and real silk.
Kind to your skin – and very lovely!

My favourite set? Blue Birds – without a single doubt!
Just look how beautiful this is!

Blue Birds

Seriously – their lingerie makes you just want to forget about getting dressed past your first layer, and lounging about all day eating French Fancies.
God, I love French Fancies.
Anyway, this retails for £80 (bra) and £45 (knickers) – plus they also offer a vintage lace corset in this design made from French Chantilly Lace which retails at £200 – again brilliant value when you consider the quality.
Beautiful is not the word.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re hooked on the idea of shopping here.
If you’re anything else like me, you’ll also be thinking “Dear me, it’s not quite within my budget!”

Let me lay this out for you sisters.
You can’t put a price on good quality underwear.
You spend £4 on knickers in Asda and you re-purchase them probably as often as you re-purchase Mayonnaise.
You spend £40 on real silk ones – well, I doubt you’ll be replacing them after 10 months.

Not only that – Tallulah Love offer a wonderful collection called Simply Tallulah which starts at £18.
The collection comes in Ivory or Black and is beautifully simple and elegant – plus sports the same irresistible quality level as the other collections.

I’m going to leave your eyes to do the deciding though – just go over to their site right now and I dare you not to come away with something!



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