Weekend Roundup!

Yeehaw what a beautiful weekend we were blessed with up North!
It turns out it’s not always grim!

In true British Sunny Day spirit we went to a BBQ.
I’m trying to drop some lbs so I only had one of everything I set my eyes on, and a few thousand cans of lager.

Check out the pickles on this bad boy!


I looked at it and say “hey baby” and the rest was history.
I love a good burger.

The sun was so very lovely, the Topshop strawberry dress made another appearance. I also took this horiffic selfie which I thought looked OK at the time… but in hindsight kind of makes me look a bit cray.

image (1)

What even is that pose?
The bag is from Temperley (freebie), the iPhone case is a really bad DIY that I’ve still got the shame to carry around with me.
The sunglasses were Raybans but one of the lenses fell out.
In fact, I’ll tell you the story. Quickly.

I was driving to Asda and I had the windows down and I was singing away to my merry self.
I was singing Blurred Lines to be precise, and I was really giving it some. High notes and all.
I stopped at the lights, but I didn’t stop singing, and then realised the car beside me had noticed my performance and was chuckling at me.
So I did the hard thing – I looked right at them and carried on singing.
I thought I was so cool. Then suddenly, unprovoked, the lens just DROPPED out of my glasses.

Apart from that – one of my greatest moments of failure – we went out for a drink with Mr Kitty’s friend in Shambles Square. There was this really amazing guitarist outside playing Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath covers with the precision of a really well experienced surgeon.
It kind of put me in mind of Memphis, if I closed my eyes and pretended I couldn’t smell beef pie.

 Then we ran in to one of their old colleagues who was literally the smoothest guy I’ve ever met.
Like, people think George Clooney is smooth, but this guy made ole babyface look like a jagged rock with lumps on it, covered in bumps. (i.e. unsmooth).
I don’t know what else to say about it.

In true me-having-a-drink fashion, we also started to plan another holiday – this time back to Las Vegas for a week of debauchery with a group of friends.
I’m being left in charge of the planning with is awesome because I love a bit of planning.
I’ll just have to queue it behind China and Disneyworld and maybe something cheap and cheerful.

What did you get upto this weekend?



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