All these things that I have Bought: or Fashion Haul.

Hi guys.
Sorry for the absense – I’ve been pretty sick. It’s been gross.
I threw up some froth, I stayed in bed.
I did a bit of shopping to cheer myself up.

Wanna see?


The blue dress is from Oasis.
I bought it here, though, for £37.99 and right now you can get an extra 20% off.
(I actually got it a bit cheaper due to Staff Discount!)

Converse low-tops in dusty blue.
I’ve lusted after this colour for ages.
Now its mine!

Primark white blouse
Cheap but exactly what I was looking for and it was just £8.
Happily, I fit (with room) into a dress size smaller than usual – Hoorah!
I also got myself some tie-waist trousers which I can’t find an image for – selfies will come, though.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume.
I’ve wanted this for ages but been too tight to buy it. I know a few friends have struggled to find it in stores lately, so when I noticed they had a bottle in Selfridges, Manchester, I had to have it. Money well spent – it’s a lovely coconutty fragrance that puts me in mind of childhood holidays. It smells very tropical, but is also quite gentle – the sort of scent where you keep your wrist in front of your nose most of the day.

Ray Bans again were bought here.
I promise you they are real – they just don’t have the “popular” styles – although there were some Wayfarers listed on Saturday which have now sold out.
You can expect to pay a good 50% off RRP because they are last season designs.

The dress on the right is from Fever London and the design is called Delphine.
As far as I can see, it is no longer on site.
I’ve been looking for a flattering tropical-style print for a long time. This is exactly what I’ve been after.
The cut is lovely, the fabric, although light, is great quality.
The finish is impeccable.
I think we have a new brand crush.

I will also very shortly be treating myself (and Mr Kitty) to a couple of tickets to Shanghai.


How was your weekend?



2 thoughts on “All these things that I have Bought: or Fashion Haul.

  1. Loving all of your buys. Especially the dresses…arent they so gorgeous. I havnt bought a new dress for at least 18 months but after the last couple of grotty years, weather wise, i feel like ive got new sun dresses due to not being able to wear my previous buys. Im determined to get lots of use out of them. I must admit ive lived in boob tubes & shorts for the last few weeks.

    At the weekend i did wear dresses one for our day out at the Beacon Green Fayre on saturday and another yesterday when we were supposed to be meeting a fellow tweeter in Lancaster but she let us down. I had a feeling she wasnt for real anyway so it didnt surprise me, it just confirmed our suspicions that it was all BS were true. Annoying because it was over an hours drive for us but we did find the most lovely country pub with the friendliest landlady and her puppy was a darling. Once id asked if a chopper had been booked for landing and she said no i knew this that this tweeter was full of it. But like i said it was a lovely afternoon and we had a nice meal there too, plus i had the whole bottle of wine to myself.

    Have you ever arranged to meet someone from online who you suspected was a fake to find yourself stood up and your gut instinct to have been confirmed?

    Gaynor xx


    1. Gosh how rude of that girl!

      I have, a long time ago, arranged to meet someone with a friend that she had been chatting to online – but she had told me she’d met him on holiday and wanted to catch up.

      She’d been showing me pictures of the guy and everything, he seemed nice. We went to Chester to meet him and when we got there, he was a totally different person – in looks & apparently personality too.
      It was actually pretty creepy, we didnt stay long – just long enough to be polite lol.

      Have you spoken to her since? x


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