Sexy Legs: or Wilkinson Sword HydroSilk review

(Well packaged – a good start!)

Everyone I know has legs – at least one – usually two.
The women I know, including myself, usually favour having smooth, hair-free legs, and as a result, have to reluctantly and grudgingly spend money on hair removal products then spend time USING them. Blah.

As all women who have ever used a razor will know, sometimes shaving products can have the same effect on your skin/hair as pleining a door frame, and when you find a product that suits your skin you generally stick with it to avoid extra time spent wishing you’d waxed instead, or just stayed hairy.
For me, this stick-to product has been Gilette Venus for about 4 years. I favour the disposable ones, because they are usually on offer at least once a month & they are durable enough that 3 will usually last til next payday.

Recently, however, I saw an ad on Facebook for the Wilkinson Sword HydroSilk razor and was slightly interested. I’ve used Wilkinson Sword Extra II before, when I’ve been a cheapskate. I’ve also used Wilkinson Sword Xtreme before. Neither have particularly impressed me, with the Extra II being very “snaggy” and the Xtreme being too cumbersome to shave comfortably. Nevertheless, the HydroSilk looked robust and of good quality. I made a mental note to keep my eye out for it.

(The 5 curve-sensing blades)

The other day, I was in Boots and noticed the product on offer, just as I was about to replenish my trusty Gilette Venus supply. As the HydroSilk was cheaper I decided to give it a go!

Here are the results!


The HydroSilk boasts “Hydro-activated moisturising serum” and “5 Curve-sensing blades” to ensure a close, comfortable shave experience with a hydration boost. It also claims to hydrate for up to 2 hours after shaving – impressive! I’m all about hydration.

 The packaging is pretty hard to get into – but I’m all thumbs so I can forgive it for that, it’s more likely to be user error.

Once you get into the packet, you get a razor (obvs), and a little suck-onto-the-wall holster for it, which I hung in my shower immediately. To be honest, I don’t really understand how the holder works, because it doesn’t seem like a “hook” – but it keeps the razor on, so it wins.

The razor itself is lovely & light – but heavy enough to feel substantial & trustworthy. Not like those 10 for £1 bic ones you get that are hollow.
It has this lovely rubbery gel-like coating too, which may or may not contribute to the performance, but it makes it look rather feminine and I really love to chew on this bit of a razor if I ever get round to having a bath – bonus.

 image (2)

The “instructions” printed onto the box advise that, for best results, you should use this product in the shower – so I jolly well did!
You’re supposed to give the razor head a quick spritz under the shower head to awaken the magical moisturising properties, so I did that, too.

I’ll tell you something, it worked a treat! I knew instantly, from the first swipe, that I had fallen in love with this razor, and that my legs would never be the same again.

My skin did feel lovely and moist, smooth and even nourished. The blade was gentle, and the 5 curve-sensing blades did a great job of detecting all of my curves. I even managed to do my knees without one single scratch.

The head is rather big, but without going into too much detail, I suspect any other areas you’d like to practise hair removal on would be well served by this product, if you were a bit careful. Armpits, for example.

So, I got out of the shower and dried off – I actually air-dried to allow the product to work its full magic with hydrating promises. I have to say, initially upon drying, my legs felt a little bit tight and not particularly moist, but I held off moisturising separately to give it a chance.
Within about 15 minutes I noticed that my legs did feel more hydrated. They did feel very smooth, and not scratchy/smooth like sometimes.

I have to say, I still love my good old Venus, but I will now alternate between Venus & HydroSilk as I am really impressed with this product!

You can get yours from Boots, here. It is on offer right now for £4.99 but the RRP is £9.99. You can also buy 3x replacement blades for £7.64 (usually £8.49).

 So, do you think you’ll give it a go?

What’s your favourite razor – or are you braver than  that & favour waxing?



One thought on “Sexy Legs: or Wilkinson Sword HydroSilk review

  1. Im a complete razor slut, being that i dont have a preferred brand and grab whatever is cheapest at the time. With having fair hair im pretty lazy when it comes to shaving my legs as the hairs arent too noticable. Until…the heatwave came. I have a gorgeous tan and now those fair hairs are shiny and silver which makes me look like im wearing mohair leggings. Sooo not a good look.

    The pits get a regular shave whether they need it or not as i recall being a lazy so and so and not shaving the pits for a few weeks only to go to an unexpected last minute cocktail event when i was in my twenties. I didnt have time to bathe and just threw on my jazzy dress and sexy heels and rushed out for my date to collect me.Dancing, drinking, dining and chatting all night had me waving my arms with glory (i cant keep my arms still when talking). Then nature called, a tinkle and a hand wash..ooh whilst at the mirror i shall fix my hair and lips….AAGGGHHH hairy pits. Why are underarm hairs dark on a blonde person WT heck!!!!

    So now the pits get it. Im not going to divulge about the non downstairs tidy up episode. Too much info.

    Gaynor xx


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