Babylips Review

I’ve been bragging a whole bunch about Maybelline Babylips & to be fair, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re bored of me.

However, I really just want you to try this product for yourself and see what the hype is.
Below you can see my review of what I believe is the lip product to end all lip products.


Ever since I picked up the Babylips in “Peach Kiss” from Walmart in Las Vegas for $2 I knew I was on to something good, and just assumed it was a product I’d missed back at home.
I was wrong, but now it doesn’t matter as they have been launched in the UK.
You can buy them here from Boots for £2.99 each on the 3 for 2 offer.

Now, on with the show!

My preferred lip product is Lip Balm as, despite my best efforts, I have quite dry lips. I guess it comes with having dry skin.
However, usually if I buy lip balm with a colour to it, I find it bunches on the corner of my lips, flakes and even just pushes to the edge of my mouth, making it look half-applied.
For that reason, I have stuck to Carmex for several years, preferring not to dabble in coloured balms.
I tried Jane Iredale’s Just Kissed Lip Stain which I found to be very lovely, but it is a pain to get hold of.

Babylips comes in 6 variations, 3 coloured and 3 non-coloured.
They are all flavoured but each boasts their own USP (we’ll get to them in a moment).
For your £2.99 you get a standard sized balm stick with an approximate 24month life-span, which is standard.
We all know how long a lip balm can last, and I don’t think I have ever finished using a lip balm before I’ve lost it, so 24 months is plenty for me.
In any case, at £2.99 these are competitive enough to be replaceable, and to steal the limelight from other balm products.

Each stick claims 8-hour moisture and the non-coloured ones have SPF 20 for added protection. For this reason, I’ve been applying an uncoloured one, then popping a coloured one on top.
Does that give me 16-hour moisture?
Surprisingly, not far off.

The thing which struck me about these products is that, unlike many other moisture-promising products, they don’t feel heavy when applied.
Instead of feeling like you’ve got wet cotton wool on your lips, after applying any of these products, it feels like you’ve had a lip transplant.
It’s like Maybelline have come along & stuck some really sassy, moist-ass lips to your face.
Its amazing.


So here they are in all of their glory.
As you can see, as well as being versatile little minxes, they look rather cute, too.
This is the first time I’ve ever owned a whole range of a product.
I feel so proud.

From Left-Right we have:

Pink Punch
Easily my favourite flavour – this tastes beautiful!
Sadly, the colour is just a bit too PINK for my liking, but I wore it all day yesterday and the staying power was very impressive. I only had to re-apply once, and that was after lunch.

Peach Kiss
This is my favourite colour, it’s a really subtle cinnamon-like shade which is very slightly darker than my own lips – and so really suits my skin tone.
You can hardly see it when swatched, but when I wear it, I can definitely see a difference. I feel it really enhances my lips.
Again, the staying power on this baby is insane, and the only reason I have re-applied it is to have another taste!

This clear balm does precisely what it says on the tube – it hydrates.
Although each product claims 8hour moisture, I have found that just using ‘Hydrate’ alone has left my lips feeling nourished for as long as 24hours – impressive.
Bare in mind, too, that I have rather dry lips!

Mint Fresh
Again, another clear balm. This time scented & flavoured with a menthol-like mintiness for optimum “ahh!”.
This feels like a kind wink back to Carmex, which I like.
I suspect I will get a lot of use out of this baby when Winter & cold weather comes.
If I don’t eat it first. I love mint.

Intense Care
Last but by no means least is “Intense Care”.
This is the one I’ve been using as a “base” to the others, as well as a base to other lipsticks/stains when called for.
It’s pretty much like the Vaseline Intense Care balms – it feels slightly thicker than the others, and so lays a little heavier on the lips – but in a  good way.
It’s not the sticky, gloopy feeling of Glitter Babes lip gloss, but the deep nourishing feeling of a good quality lip saviour.

In fact, the only downside of Babylips may be that they don’t come in more colours or flavours – because I feel a bit like I’m collecting Pokémon cards here.
I need more.

So… have I swayed you to give them a try?
Or maybe you’re already a Babylips love?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this product!



2 thoughts on “Babylips Review

  1. I have been flirting with which ones of these to buy all weekend and I now predict that I will go to boots after work and buy them all. Dangerous days! Thank you for the decision making help!


    1. hehe Karen they are SO worth it – though I don’t think Boots has the 3-for-2 on any more. Just a quick one, too. I couldn’t find them in ANY boots high street store – I had to order them online! Don’t know if its just because they weren’t rolled out yet, or if they are online exclusive. Might be worth checking before you go on a balmhunt! xx


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