Flashback Fashion: 1990

The summer of 1990 I was 1 1/2 years old, and visited Tenerife with my whole family – which at that time was my parents and grandparents.

this big

I had a really awesome swimming costume (just seen) in bottle green, covered in yellow & red Yachts.

My Nan (pictured) is playing “Little Mermaid” with me – we were waiting on the rocks for a wave to splash us so that we could sing “Part of Your World” together and dream about trading our voices to the Sea-Witch to get legs.

The wave never came, but we both had legs (as you can see) and continued to walk together for another 15 years, until she passed away.

This is beautifully enough one of my earliest memories.

My ultimate style icon, our Stella, can be seen sporting her famous hot pink short-shorts (only worn abroad) and a very 80’s inspired tshirt.
She was pretty rockin’ for a 55 year old.
Check out her vintage Ray-Bans (Mine now!) and her barefoot charm – no wonder I hate wearing shoes.

Most importantly?

Check out her smile.
You can’t style joy like that.
You have to love your life.




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2 responses to “Flashback Fashion: 1990

  1. Thanks for looking šŸ™‚ I wish I could get a swimming costume like that now!


  2. Iva

    beautiful family photo, thanks for sharing!


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