Top 5 Trends I was Rockin’ as a Tot.

I never used to be on the “cutting edge” of fashion as a Kid – and today I realised why.
I was looking through some photos of me as a little ‘un and it became blatantly clear that I am some sort of Fashion time Lord.

Here are 5 examples of trends I was rockin’ way before they were trends.

1. The Peter Pan Collar.
Peter Pan

This is actually a double whammy because I’ve got a full fringe in front, too.
I’m your regular Zooey Deschanel.

2. Metallics.

YEAH BABY I’m rocking Metallic and stripes and I’m only about 3!
I’m also working the “just got outta bed and I don’t give one” hair trend which has been seen widely of late.
Cutting edge.

3. Colour Block.
colour block

Yup. This kid can do colour block, too.
I bet loads of people would kill for this swimming costume – and I can tell you a few things about it right now.
It was bought from a GUS Catalogue store and was that childhood favourite brand, Fruit of the Loom.
It also had the knack of collecting an obscene amount of sand in the gusset.

4. Sundress & Matching Cardigan.
No, your eyes do not deceive you.
Yes, that’s a sun dress printed with strawberries complete with a boucle-style blazer and a strawberry print bowtie for heaven’s sake.
I was wearing this 2-piece daily and nightly and ever so rightly!

5. Playsuits &  Flats.

Yeah, that is me rubbing the foot of Sir Frances Powell.
It was legend that if you rubbed his toe and made a wish, it would come true.
As you can see, all the green has rubbed off his toe, and its gone fully shiny.
Wigan kids say whaaaaat?
Anyway, I’m sporting a pretty dandy playsuit here.
You want to know something else?
It’s covered in shells and seahorses.
That’s Right! Nautical, too.
…And those shoes?

Clarks Secret Key, baby.

So there you have it.
You want trend advice?  Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Vogue can’t help you.
You should have known me when I was 4.



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