Spending-Savvy Saturday| 2 outfits for £25!

Oh wow, I love a good saving – and moreso when it involves having something great quality!

This weekend I’ve put together 2 outfits for under £25 – and ones which will transcend season – Everybody say yey!

20 quid, 2 outfits

1. Crop t-shirt with trim – £7 River Island sale.
2. Red mid-brim hat – £1.99 Barnados.
3. Maxi skirt – £8 Primark.
4. Breton stripe crop tshirt – £7 River Island sale.

Total: £23.99.

I’m totes loving Barnados on Cheetham Hill Road right now – every item of fashion/footwear/accessories is just £1.99 and they have some really cool items plus you get to help the children while you get fabulous!
I’ve been for a little splurge there and will share my findings really soon! 



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