The £40 Spoil-Yourself Splurge.

This weekend has been indulgently dedicated to treating myself!
I have an appointment to get an injection for my trip on Tuesday, and although I’m not afraid of needles at all, I decided I might feel nicer if I left the doctors with a nice blouse to cover my plaster (hee hee).
Plus, I have a date with my BFF next weekend!
So I headed into town on Saturday with a £40 budget

I was literally amazed at what I managed to buy with £40.
Check it out!

Floral Crop Blouse – £12. Primark.
I rarely buy anything other than basics from Primark, but this blouse struck me the moment I saw it.
It’s cropped but not too “right-under-boob” so it maintains a decent amount of modesty.
The sleeves are 3/4 which makes it a perfect autumn piece, too.
I just love the bead/chain collar detail – I feel very proper wearing it!
I’ll be pairing this with a black or wine-coloured maxi skirt or skinny jeans until it’s threadbare.

Burgundy Cardigan – £6. Primark.
Like I said, I usually hit Primark for basics. I love a good wine coloured cardigan, and for £6 I couldn’t turn this baby down.
Usually, I will re-button cardigans from there – so right now this piece is sitting in my drawer waiting for me to find the perfect buttons & a 30minute time slot.

Mini Rings & War-Bonnet Ring – 50p each. Primark.

image_1 image_2
Primark also have a great selection of on-trend jewellery for most seasons too – and quite often I buy them and make changes to them. These few items, though, I think will be staying as they are.
I love the mini ring trend – I can’t explain why – and I love the war bonnet ring because I’m really intrigued by Native American culture.

Cross Detail Necklace. £2. Primark.

I just really like the look of this item and think it’ll be great for adding some shazam to a more basic outfit.
Yeah baby!

Wedge Ankle Boots – £12, Primark.
I’ve been looking for some comfy, not-too-high, not-too-expensive wedge ankle boots for A/W and more specifically for my trip to Shanghai to nail that smart/casual look – currently I either wear Moccasins or Vans.
These are absolutely what I was looking for, and I changed the weird waxed laces with ribbon and they’re borderline perfect now.
They are obscenely comfy, which is a rarity for Primark shoes.

So in total I spent £33 in Primark.
With my remaining £7 I went to Abbakhan in the Northern Quarter and got a few ring backs, buttons and faux suede, leather and dylon.
Stay tuned for a post on what I got up to with that!



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