D.I.Why Not | Part 1 – Statement Rings.

So if you read my post yesterday you’ll know that, as part of the £40 “splurge” I bagged a few bits of crafty pieces to throw together some unique accessories.
Today I’m sharing 2 of the easiest DIY projects I tackled over the weekend – you need literally 0% skill to complete this project.
If you’re using the internet, you can do it.
In fact, you can probably even do it if you’re an animal with a lack of opposable thumbs.


You need:

*A ring back
*A Button/Bead/ Something with a flat back
*UHU glue


1. Apply a thin layer of UHU to both the ring back and the back of the button/bead etc. Leave it for about 1 minute to become tacky.

2. Apply another blob – this time a little more generous – to the ring back, and press the button onto it.

3. Leave the button face down to dry for as long as possible – I would recommend at least 24hours to ensure it’s stuck fast.

4. Wear & enjoy!

I made a White Stripes inspired swirly red button ring, and also picked up a really sweet painted Indian glass bead with a flat back which I thought would look awesome too! See below for that.


The possibilities are pretty unlimited, as long as you can find a flat surface on an object to stick it to, you can style it into a cute statement ring!

 I told you it was easy!

Stay tuned on Wednesday for part 2 of the D.I.Why Not series – where I will be sharing a rather  simple faux leather studded clutch bag!



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