Jewellery | Skull Bangle

I used to love going into Matalan until I moved to Manchester.
The one close by me is always understaffed and quite untidy, so it stresses me out to visit.

However, I went back home to Wigan on Monday evening and popped into their Matalan to have a peek at the sale.
Boy, am I glad I did!

Like a silly sausage I’d left my debit card at home and only had £7 in cash, so you could say I was on an extreme budget.
I picked up a breton tshirt (everybody loves breton) and then moved on to the accessories, where I found the item I had always wanted, but never known about.

Behold, the Skull Bangle which cost me just £1.
The Skull Bangle which I will wear with everything.
The Skull Bangle which I bought 3 of, so I have a replacement if it should break.
The Skull Bangle.


Seriously, ladies. If you’re planning on spending £1, I suggest you spend it on this item.
The RRP was £4 but I strongly suspect people would believe it was £40 if I told them (and they hadn’t seen this post).

I’m going to do a teeny, cheeky little modification on one of them and glue some swarovski crystals into the eyes for extra bling.

More on that when it’s complete!

I also bagged a few necklaces in their sale – all for a total of £6 (including the tshirt) so I strongly recommend hitting your local Matalan asap to take advantage of their chic & cheap ice.




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2 responses to “Jewellery | Skull Bangle

  1. What a bargain! Love the idea of adding crystals to the eyes


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