DIY Fashion | American Apparel Style Envelope Clutch [No Sew!]

I have to be honest, I hadn’t made this bag to specifically look like the American Apparel one – but I had gone out shopping and a lady stopped me to exclaim that it looked awesome and very similar to one, so I did a bit of investigating.

You can see their version here in several beautiful colours, for £40.
Well, my version cost me in the region of £6 and took about 1 hour to make.
Plus, in the spirit of studding everything, I gave mine a bit of attitude!

photo (2)

You need:

* Leather/Suede/Fabric – I used Faux Leather.
* Stud Trim
*Fabric Dye (optional)
*Sewing Machine

If you’re not a very confident seamstress (I’m not) then I’d advise watching this video for tips on sewing a simple pouch – which is basically what you’re doing.
Apart from that bit, the tutorial is very easy. 
If you’re making the pouch, I’d say we’re working on a 60%  difficulty.
If you’re buying a pouch, we’re looking at about a 10% difficulty.

Here we go!

Step 1.  Sew a basic pouch, adding zip or pop fasten as needed. Check the video for tips!

Step 2. Wrap the elastic around your wrist & leave room to tie – then cut to size.
Be sure to cut the elastic at angles & sear the edges with a match/lighter to seal the cut & prevent fraying.
*Tip – this is also a great way to make Twistband-style hair ties.
At this point, I also gave the elastic a pop of colour with some fabric paint.

Step 3. Unravel your stud trim to the length of your bag, cut to size and hold it in place whilst marking the “to-be-glued” area with chalk.

Step 4. Apply squiggles of glue to the “to-be-glued” zone, and leave to become tacky for a minute or two.

Step 5. Re-apply another coat of glue – this time spreading all over the “to-be-glued” area, and quickly press on the stud trim.

Step 6. Otherwise known as the Grand Finale. When the elastic is dry from the fabric dye, loop it into the zipper to create a carry handle.
Alternatively, you can hook on a faux-leather wrist strap, an old chain bracelet, a woven leather plaited number… or anything, really!
I went for a very simple turquoise elastic, but it’s easily changeable.

Will you be giving this DIY a go?



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