Travel Tuesday: Hopping the San Andreas Route

When I was 15 we went on a family holiday which basically turned out to be the San Andreas loop. We’d been to the USA several times before, but this was our first taste of proper America (i.e. not Disneyworld) and it sparked in me a deep love of visiting the Great Nation.

The San Andreas loop is Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and we visited all over 3 weeks – enjoying the best of the West coast.
I just wanted to share a few photographs of that happy time!


My brother & I in the Grand Canyon.
We arrived by Helicopter, a treat from my Mum, and we both agreed we felt like Donald Trump – then spent a few minutes giggling that his last name is “Trump”.
Also, how cute am I on that photo?!

Anyway the trip we took to the Grand Canyon was awesome. We started in a tiny microlite, then got choppered in to the floor of the canyon, then took a boat ride.


Here is a photo I snapped from our Microlite. Slightly edited.

golden gate

Me on Pier 9 in San Francisco with the Golden Gate bridge as my backdrop.
Strange, it isn’t golden. It’s orange.

Pier 9 was my absolute favourite thing to visit on this trip. It was just so cool plus there were seals just hanging about on the rocks. I’d never seen a wild seal before. I also managed to get some fresh seafood at the docks, and saw some beautiful furniture at the Flea Market nearby. I almost didn’t come home, and I was only 15.

Now for one where I shamefully admit I thought I was some sort of Yankee Skater Chick
Behold my brother & I on the balcony of our (posher than it looks) suite on Sunset Strip.
Yes that’s a Famous Stars & Straps top. Yes, I look like a ghost despite having been in the desert heat for like… 10 days prior to this photograph being taken.



Now, as you may know, Las Vegas is a destination I hit again and again.
Well, I’ve been 5 times, so that counts I guess since I’m only 24.

Here is the best photo I ever took of anything, ever. 
It’s the Stratosphere.
Stra TI

Then above is the Mirage – the last time we went was the only time I’ve ever seen the Volcano in working action.

I love revisiting Las Vegas because it’s always changing. It’s like a Peter Gabriel video.
The first time I went, the Boardwalk Hotel was still running, and the Sahara & Aladdin hotels were open & operational and Planet Hollywood was nowhere to be seen.

Fast forward to my next visit, the Boardwalk was a pile of rubble and the Wynn had built their first tower. My previous visit hadn’t been soon enough to catch the Desert Inn, but it was soon enough that the Wynn was actually Le Reve.

Further forward to my 5th Visit & the Wynn has Encore, Vdara is up and glorious as can be, and now the Sahara is gone, the MGM Grand is decidedly less grand than it once was, and the strip is slowly crawling towards the Mandalay Bay.

I wonder what it’ll be like next time I visit?!



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