12 Items, 8 Days | Packing Light

collection CH total

Breton Top: River Island | Tube Skirt: Warehouse | Wedge Boots: Primark |Skater Dress: Primark |Top: Brochu Walker | Bowler Hat: Uniqlo | Maxi Skirt: H&M | Sneakers: Converse | Denim Shirt: Replay | Peter Pan Top : DIY (Marc Jacobs Pictured) | Bag: Cambridge Satchel Co. | Jeggings: George @ Asda

Well, the final furlong is upon us and in just 3 (and a bit) weeks we will be jetting off to Shanghai.
I love packing my case but it’s too early to do that, so I thought I would share a sneak preview of what I will be packing.
It’s more a therapy for myself than anything. I love the challenge of packing in as little as possible and making everything work with several other items.
It’s like crack to me, probably. I’ve never tried crack.

Above you can see the 12 items I will be packing & where I curated my collection.
Below you can see just some of the things I’ll be doing with them.

1. Casual Market Browser.

collection CH 3

I figure this laid back look will be pretty nice for browsing the famous Shanghai fabric markets.
As we’re staying right by the Bund, the water & September humidity will probably mean that we don’t need to wrap up too much – so this look can work with or without tights.


2. The Eclectic Lunch-Haver

Collection CH 5

It might sound gross but I can’t wait to try Duck Neck (jerky) or Tea-dipped egg.
I’m big on trying the “local thing” and luckily Shanghai has loads of the local thing.


3. The “Might go to a Bar”

Collection CH 4I really can’t handle when you go out and then everybody decides to go for a drink, and you just don’t feel like you’re dressed properly. So, here is my look for when that event seems like a vague possibility.


4. The All Day Sight-Seer

Collection CH 6

Obiously you have to make provisions for spending an entire day tramping around a huge city looking at all of the amazing must-see things.
Enter Converse, simultaneously stylish & comfortable. Perfect with jeggings.
The hat is coming on most days because I reckon that I will look nicer in a hat and it will disguise if I can’t be bothered to wash my hair every day out of eagerness to see the city.


5. The Gentle Meander-er

Collection CH 2

At least 1 day of each trip I take, I like to just wander off and see the real place. Just head off down a back street with total disregard for my safety.
It helps if you feel as if you look a bit whimsical.
On these days, I will probably take a book and sit in the park reading it for a couple of hours, feeling like a Natalie Portman character.


6.  The 50 Moganshan Road

Collection CH 1

The art lover in me always likes to have a peek in a gallery or museum of some sort when abroad. Shanghai’s art district – a complex of warehouses on (you guessed it!) Moganshan Road – is said to be top notch.

So, there you have it!
8 days in China, in the bag.
Or, in the suitcase, should I say.



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