Travel | Top 4 Holiday Destinations

This is where I share a few holiday snaps & reminisce about all of the places I’ve left my heart behind.

1. Memphis, TN. 

If “What Dreams May Come” is how heaven really happens, then I’ll be heading for Memphis when I reach those pearly gates.
Its hard to explain just what is so wonderful about this place, because it’s an energy (and I usually hate when people say places have energy).
Its a happy, charismatic place.
See everything I think about Memphis here. 

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2. Las Vegas, NV. 

Staying in the Land of the Free it’d be a sin not to include Sin City.
I know I haven’t found a hidden gem location in Las Vegas but I have a very special, fancy-free piece of my heart invested there.
Aside from being blisteringly hot and absurdly extravagant, Las Vegas is one of the only places I’ve ever felt true release.
Want to wear a bikini to a nightclub? That’s OK.
Want to eat breakfast at 8pm with a Margarita and a coffee? That’s OK too.

We got a great deal last June with Expedia. Check it out here. 

3. Rome, Italy. 

Yep, I’m not all frivolity! I have been visiting Rome frequently with my Dad since I was about 7 and never tire of it.
The history, the religion, the architecture… the food.
The whole city is a relic and being within Civitavecchia fills me with awe every time – and there is always another little chapel you haven’t seen.

4. Greece.
Neptune Cave

Specifically Corfu, as I haven’t visited the rest of Greece.
You know when you get a feeling you belong in a place even though you’ve only just arrived?
I felt that almost immediately in Greece. It’s paradise.
Get the full package here. 

So, that’s got me longing for long haul and suitably excited for our upcoming voyage.

What is your favourite place to visit? 



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