Halloween Manicures Inspiration

I don’t consider myself to be a particularly accomplished manicurist, but I manage to pull off a pretty convincing french polish, and some basic nail art, from time to time.

I have no problem recreating the Despicable Me minions for manicures, so I figured I would find some inspiration to create a kooky Halloween manicure. Last year’s bloody nails didn’t go down very well at work, so I was on the market for something a little cheerier for 2013.

 Here are the TOP 5 – Enjoy!

Wacky Laki’s “The House Next Door” manicure.

 wackylaki wackylaki2

This is just incredible. I can’t say anything else about it. Every fibre of my being wants to attempt this masterpiece, but my left hand shakes like it’s following instructions from Andre 3000.

I especially love the Glow in the Dark surprise!

Polish and Pearls’ Vampire nails

 vampire nails

This fiddly number looks fantastic, and I think perhaps just about the level of difficulty that I could manage – whilst sticking my tongue out of my mouth in concentration.

Keep your eye on my Instagram Feed for the results of this potential victory. I think I’ll be recreating it on 1 nail only though, I still don’t trust my shaky left hand…

Misadelinne’s Stripy Halloween Nails


I love this manicure because its very wearable. This is the kind of manicure that you don’t need to remove after halloween – you can continue it for another couple of days. Its also versatile – you don’t have to have particularly long or short nails to capture this!
I’ll certainly be giving this a go over the coming week!

PimpMyNailz’s spiderweb manicure


This goes hand in hand with the above, simple but effective! Halloween is about the only time I feel comfortable wearing orange polish, so I’ll be taking full advantage!
I love these glam but spooky spiderweb nails – but again will probably only recreate on 1 nail as I don’t have very long nails (or nail beds).

IronFist Nails


I’m not sure who is responsible for these incredible IronFist inspired, zombie-esque nails but I love them. I’ve been watching The Walking Dead lately and have a new found love of Zombies (I was never a big fan of the genre). I seriously doubt my ability to recreate these… but I certainly want to try!

Again stay tuned on Instagram to see the absolute debacle that will be my attempt!

 So… there you have it. Will you be trying any of these manicures – or perhaps you have your own DIY?

Let me know, I’d love to have a go!

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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