Weekend roundup – or how the Great British Storm didn’t hit Manchester.

This weekend has been totally jam packed full of activity I’m surprised I had time to eat.

But I did eat. Lots.

Friday night was baking night – the weekend just gone was the last cake weekend before Halloween and I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to make chocolate shortbread bat biscuits. (Recipe coming tomorrow)

I’m sorry to say that in a moment of reckless abandon I also baked some chocolate shortbread dog poos. Trick or treat, baby.

Anyway, on Saturday I visited the ‘rents to help my Mum make up her Halloween costume. She’s being a witch.
Of course, visiting home also means time to play with the pooches!
Here is Piglet feeling extremely happy to have the whole gang together again:


Being back in the Mothertown also meant family visits – yey for family time!

Come Sunday, I was incredibly tired but with such a list of things to do!
Obviously, we all had to batten down the hatches for the Great British Storm (which never broke in the North).
I was actually really disappointed that we didn’t even get any extra rain. I’d bought some squirty cream & flakes for the “trapped indoors” Mexican hot chocolates I was going to make.
I know the storm is not a good  thing for those affected by it, but I was really looking forward to hearing the wind howling around my building, and seeing leaves everywhere.
Our time may come.

Anyway, Mr Kitty and I went to see Captain Phillips, which was easily the most emotional film I’ve seen for a long time. The cinema experience has also spurred me to do an experiment, so stay tuned this week to find out more on that. 
We also visited Taps at Great Northern for lunch which was…well, I’ll let this week’s review do the talking.

The of course we headed home to stuff ourselves on a few episodes of The Walking Dead and to catch up on episode 3 of American Horror Story: Coven. (Does anyone else think this season is really uncomfortable? In a good way)

Stay tuned this week for reviews, recipes, the results of my experiment and a few style posts!



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