Horror? | Or How I ‘Survived’ 24hours Without my iPhone


On Sunday, Mr Kitty and I went to see Captain Philips at the cinema.

We go to the cinemas reatively often – a few times a month at least – and usually frequent Odeon in the Printworks.
This is by no means out of loyalty – it is just the closest one to us.

I much prefer the Cornerhouse or AMC Great Northern but sometimes convenience wins.

 We had recently visited Odeon and I had noticed that every other audience member in the theatre was using their mobile phone continuously through the film.

When we went to AMC there was not one person who used their phone.
It got me thinking about how much people seem to be addicted to their mobile phones.

It’s a well documented theory, and one that I have never really cared about, assuming I wasn’t affected.

 But am I effected?

 I decided to conduct an experiment to find out.

 On Monday this week, I left my mobile phone at home, without telling anyone.

Here is the story of how I got on.

Our on-site car park is a good 10-15 minute walk from the office block – which is usually when I send my first tweet of the day, check in with my little brother and (sometimes) check my emails.
On No-Phone day I watched a bird eat a piece of toasted teacake and noticed that it was especially cloudy.
No stress so far, and I’ve paid attention to my surroundings.

10 am.
On phone days, my BFF has usually texted me by now. I don’t know if she has texted me, but I’m not feeling too irritable about it.
I make mental plans to send her an “It’s a Boy!” card to celebrate her new puppy by royal mail. 

My workmate arranges to meet me for lunch, but I leave the office at a different time to her.
How do I find her if I can’t phone her?
Well… I just walk to the place where we usually have lunch. There she is.
Turns out I didn’t really need to text her to confirm. Crisis averted.

Afternoon Slump.

This is round about when I send images like the below to my brother.

Today, I don’t.
In fact, I don’t think I pull a silly face all day.
Instead I take a brisk walk and come back to my desk feeling revitalized.

Home Time.

Normally when I will phone Mum for a catch up, but today I’ve arranged to pick up Mr Kitty from work.
The usual drill is call him when I’m outside… but how?
We old-school it – I give him a time as I’m leaving work, and I’m there at that time.
He’s downstairs waiting.

The Evening.

I arrive home, make food, eat and watch  television with Mr Kitty.
I read some of my book.
I whip up a pudding.
don’t browse eBay for stuff I don’t need.
don’t refresh my emails every 15 minutes.
don’t tweet L’Oreal to tell them I don’t like their new advert.
My eyes aren’t stinging when I get into bed!

The verdict?

This was not a Halloween-worthy story.
After my day with no phone I felt cleansed and even happier!
They say a change is as good as a rest, and I am glad I made the change.
When I did come back to my phone I found that I hadn’t missed anything major, but had gained a whole day of experiences.

I’m going to make this a weekly thing.

Do you think you could handle 24hours without your phone?



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