Simple Pleasures | Enjoying the Small Things

This is not a post about Blink 182’s irritatingly catchy single (although the teenager in me still loves those guys!)

I’ve been putting some ideas together for my 2014 Happiness Project and, without divulging too much information (call back in the new year for this), I got to considering some of the small things which make me feel really good. 

I thought  I would share a few of them with you, and encourage you to consider a few of your own.

1. I visit both a Coffee Shop and a Pub where I can ask for “The Ususal”

The pub thing might sound worrying – I actually haven’t been there for about a year, but it’s a frequent haunt of all who grew up with me, and the barman is intensely attentive.
The coffee shop is on the ground floor of my office, so a frequent haunt of convenience for the past 3 years.
Sometimes you have to work at these things.

2. I am very close to my brother. 


I come from a family where its the norm to have 5 or 6 brothers.
I have just 1, and we are very close.
Neither my mum nor dad are particularly close with their brothers (though they talk) and that thought fills me with dread.
I’m so grateful that my brother & I spend plenty time together (perhaps more now than when we both lived at home) and talk every day.

3. I am the only granddaughter.

From almost everyone I speak to, I get the impression that they were closer to 1 set of grandparents than the other.
This was true for me too, mainly as my Mum’s dad died before I was born, and her Mum died when I was just 2.
I was closer to my Dad’s parents – Shredded Pete (my grandad was ripped!) and Stella Umbrella – or Nan & Grandad as I more formally knew them.
My Nan & Grandad had 5 sons. My Grandad had 3 brothers, and when my Dad became the first one to give them a grandchild, they were probably expecting another boy.
In fact, everyone was, and I was supposed to be called Christopher.
I’m sure that all grandchildren create joy, but the feeling of being the only granddaughter is nice.
It’s an exclusive position in the McGee family & I like it.

4. I have sold artwork. 

In 2002 I did a pencil sketch which was included in a calendar which was bought by thousands of people.
20,000 people.
This is just a snippet of information which fills me with great pride, and allows me to participate in one-upmanship if the need ever arises.

5. I have written 2 1/2 books.

None have been published, but I like to think that’s because I have never submitted them.
I much prefer the feeling that I have created something, and that it could potentially be as good as Harry Potter.
If I never submit it, I will never need to find out that it’s (probably) not as good as Harry Potter.

6. I have very strong legs.

This might seem like a strange one. I am of the class of ladies who is the happy medium between “fat” and “regular build”, or as my Nan would describe it, “Bonny”.
In school this caused me much heartache, but I have since learned that I have very strong legs.
Probably stronger than a donkey.
I can’t run long distance for toffee (I’m not very streamlined) but they do mean I can swim faster than some of the  adolescent swimming team at my local pool.

What makes you feel good?
Make a concentrated effort to think of 3 small things that make you feel good.
For me, this can sometimes mean the difference between a splendid or stinking day!



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