K9 Swim Dog Pool | A Quick Dip

I lied, there are no other stories. What could top the story of taking your dog to the swimming pool?

As sad as it sounds, I like to spend quality time with my dogs, they’re good boys, and I was raised in the sort of way where your dog becomes your brother, and he identifies my mum as “Mum” too.
You didn’t come here to judge, remember.

I also love to swim, and so does one of my dogs.
The trouble is that he isn’t allowed to visit the local pool and I’m not keen on the idea of taking a dip in the pus-filled canals he frequents.

Well, imagine my surprise when a colleague sent me the link to the K9 Swim website after mentioning his pooch was attending hydrotherapy sessions there, and that they do fun swims too!
For just £20 you can hire their Hydro pool (the Biggest in the Northwest) for 30 minutes and take your dog for a swim.
You can even get in yourself.

I wasted no time in booking a session for “Me and Bobbie McGee” and we visited last Saturday.
Boy, was it a treat!


First of all, as it was our first session, the lovely staff usually arrange for the Hydrotherapist to be present to help coax your dog into the water.
I was confident that Bobbie would hit the waves like a pro, his papers might as well list his breed as “merdog”, so we booked an early morning session without the Hydrotherapist (Not recommended for first-time visitors!).
Within minutes of arriving we had been shown round and led to the poolside.
I got in and Bobbie waddled down the ramp, his little tail wagging , and took to the water.

We spent just over 30 minutes playing swim-fetch, and our own dog/human version of Marco Polo which consisted of him running round the edge of the pool, barking, and jumping in at random to swim to me.
It was fantastic!
Look at his face when he saw the pool:


The facilities were great too – the pool is about waist height on me, and was much warmer than expected.
The water was lovely and clean, and there was a box of toys beside the pool for pooches to help themselves to.
In addition, K9 swim provide doggy and human showers – shampoo (doggy and human) and hair/fur drying facilities.
The entire pool/shower area is secure, so you can leave your furry friend to roam.

In short, we can’t wait to go back to K9 swim, and a handful of dog lovers at work are planning on booking in the next few weeks.
K9 swim also offers Grooming and, like I mentioned earlier, Hydrotherapy.
You can see a full list of their services here. 

If you’re in the NW of England and have a dog which enjoys swimming, I can assure you this is £20 well spent!

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