Original Home Art | Buy It or DIY It?

I have this thing where I want to be surrounded by unique and inspiring things.
When deciding how to decorate our home, this posed a problem in terms of hanging art .
Would I buy or make?

After a few weeks of research, it’s clear that I don’t really have the time to create a full collection of hanging art.
I also lack the skill to produce some of the more complex styles I love, like work by Tim Marrs or Rebecca Wetzler.

In a compromise move, we will be buying hanging art.
I can always exercise the art muscle in customising other pieces, and I have plans to restyle a grandfather clock in the coming months – I’m just on the lookout for a clock case!

 Here are some of the pieces we are considering for our Lounge/Dining room.
Click the image to view the artist/store.

memphis skyline

The Memphis Skyline by ArtPause on Etsy.


Print of Picasso’s L’Autruche from Easy Art.

legs and dog

A print from Sarah Watson on Etsy.

bull and bear

Bull & Bear by SherryAnn Shop on Etsy.

None of these ideas are final, but I’m having so much fun shopping for art that I think I’ll end up getting them all, anyway!

Where do you shop for art?

Do you have any recommendations?

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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