Mini Cruise: Newcastle to Amsterdam

 If you have been reading lately you might have seen me drop a few comments about visiting Amsterdam over the Bank Holiday.

This was a Christmas gift from my Mum for the whole family to get away together, somewhere new.

We travelled on the overnight crossing as part of a Mini-Cruise deal with DFDS Seaways, who also provide ferry crossings to Denmark and France.
As part of the break we sailed from Newcastle and got transfers into Amsterdam, and a day trip there, before cruising home overnight.
As a family, we had done this type of break to Norway a few times, so a change of location was nice!

Although our time was limited in the city it was really easy to see Amsterdam’s charm – I really loved the crooked buildings and the immaculate window dressing of the sweet Dutch town houses.
The cobbled streets and higgledy-piggledy streetplan was really charming, too.

Take a peek!

A back street and some of the (many, many) bicycles.


Heading into the Red Light District, also picturesque.


It seemed like every row of buildings had some towering, beautiful tower peeking over the top.
This bell tower also played an insane, chirpy tune on the quarter hour.
I was literally dancing around Amsterdam to the beat.


A very film noir back alley.
It isn’t the camera angle – it’s really crooked, and the gorgeous gothic church in the background is typical of the “hidden away” beauties Amsterdam kept flashing at us.


I’m not sure what this building was, but it headed off a really big public square, and was boxed off by a beautiful old church with a sundial.


We stopped for a latte (no cakes) in Gasthuys “Eetcafe” by one of the many canals.
The latte (or “Wrong Coffee” as they call it) was not the best, but the view was.


Just a cheeky oil rig being repaired at the dock.
Not a massively attractive view, but an interesting one to pass on our homeward journey.


Just a seagull poaching Walkers’ crisps from me.
He stayed aboard for about 20 miles, then headed back to Holland.

It was a really lovely trip, and it has definitely given me a taste to return to Amsterdam to explore in more depth.
I’d have liked to see Anne Frank’s house and the Torture Museum, but with stringent time limitations we couldn’t fit it in.

After a quick WeinerSchnitzel, we were back on the coach and heading for the port.

All in all, I’d love to go again.
Although DFDS were great to cruise with, we found their on-board services to be intensely expensive, with a pint coming in at around £5.00, and a burger and chips costing a stonking £15.00.
Some of the more seasoned ferry-takers had packed lunches, which, if we were to sail again, we would definitely do too!

What did you get up to this Bank Holiday?Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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