The Jersey Boys | Piccadilly Theatre


You might recall a lot of chatter a few weeks ago about visiting London with my Mum to see The Jersey Boys.

 Well, I suddenly realised that time had gotten away from me and I hadn’t managed to write a single verb about the wonderful experience – so, belated the review may be, but better late than never?

My mum is a huge Frankie Valli fan, and through my childhood it rubbed off on me. I flipping love the Four Seasons – probably more than a 25 year old should admit.

We took the train to London and stayed over in The Guoman Tower Hotel, right on the Thames, which had spectacular views of Tower Bridge. The hotel was pretty nice, aside from needing some updating, but the star of the show was… well, it was the show.

 The Jersey Boys had recently moved to The Piccadilly Theatre (previous home of Viva Forever – the Spice Girls’ musical) and we were excited to be among the first to see the show in its new home.

When we arrived at the theatre we were greeted and kindly upgraded to a VIP package – Happy Birthday to us – which included VIP Lounge drinks, nibbles and a premium seat in the Theatre.
Which was nice.

You’ll have to bear in mind that I already love the music of The Four Seasons, so as a musical, I was probably always going to love this show.
I am also not a huge musical-goer, so maybe there is better out there – but if there is I doubt I’ll find it.

I didn’t, however, know much about The Jersey Boys themselves, assuming that as a “pop” act, they were likely to be pretty clean cut stars.

I had no idea about the history of the group or their unsavoury connections.
I was blissfully unaware that Joe Pesci (yes, that Joe Pesci) had a hand in their success.
The show was massively educational, as well as visually mind-blowing in parts.

 Without giving too much away,  The Jersey Boys was dark, light, funny, cheeky, tragic, uplifting, foul-mouthed and as cliched as it sounds, a rollercoaster. I laughed, sat with my mouth wide open, and even found myself blubbing – all before the interval!

The cast was brilliant, and although as of last week Michael Watson has taken over the role of Frankie Vallie, the rest of the Four Seasons (played by Edd Post, Jon Boydon and Matt Nalton) remain unchanged and were all brilliant.

 My Mum & I go to the theatre relatively regularly, and we have conceded that we will never be as impressed with a performance as we were with The Jersey Boys.

We were suspicious of ourselves, too – thinking we might just love it because we love Frankie, but we got chatting with a honeymooning couple in the interval who didn’t much care for the group, but enjoyed Musicals, and they also vouched for how wonderful the production was.

Verdict? Go and see this show.
It’s actually due to visit Manchester’s Palace Theatre this September/October – so if you’re in the North West do not miss it!

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