Weekend Roundup

Did you see that sunshine, though?
For a while the back garden was transformed into a sun terrace, and we could easily have been abroad somewhere.

Except that there was loads of work to be done. Like jet-washing the patio.

Anyway, this is a quick one because I’m nursing sunburn.


My brother & I started with a few hours sunbathing.
The dog can’t resist getting involved, but he ended up snoozing for the most part.


After I helped my Mum tidy her yard, I inherited this buddha statue.
He was happy looking, but also made of solid stone, so I gave him a lick of paint to cheer him up.


Abandoned the “no drinking in the day” rule and enjoyed a cheeky G&T.

Piglet loves to share Ice Cream.
Usually he can’t wait until you scrape it off the stick.

When the sun went in yesterday we watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier… which wasn’t half as good as I hoped, but still twice as good as I expected.

We also spent a few hours at my favourite summer pastime – planning holidays.
This year will likely see us visiting another Greek Island, and Paris in September.

That’s all for today, guys.
I’m swapmed!

Have a good one!

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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