5-Minute DIY | Neon Vase

photo 3

If you read Wednesday’s post you’ll recall that I mentioned sharing a vase project I did recently.
Here it is.

When I visited The Outlet in Chorley a few weeks ago I picked up a plain white vase for £3.50 and decided to give it a bit of zest.

This project took about 5-10 minutes from start to finish, and 30 minutes if you include drying time.

You need:

– Vase
– Spray Paint (I chose pink gloss from £1 shop)
– Masking Tape
– Plastic Bags
– Protective Mask

1. Tape across the bottom of the vase, sectioning off the bit you want to spray. Like this:
photo 2

2. Tape the plastic bag over the bit you want to keep white. I wrapped the bag around, then taped it onto the layer of tape I’d already used to section off the bottom section.

3. Put on the protective mask, girl!

4. Go outside, lay down another plastic bag and put the vase on it. Spray the section of vase you want to colour. Leave it to dry as advised on the can, and apply another coat if necessary.

5. Fill with flowers & enjoy.

*note* It’s been hot recently, and I’ve noticed that a little pink paint has rubbed off onto my windowsil through the heat. It may be worth putting a coaster under the vase to protect your surfaces!

Et, Voila.  One pretty, zesty vase – and for just £4.50!

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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