Shopology | Breton Knits & Floaty Skirts

So, I’m not a teeny tiny size.
Under the wobbly bits, I have an hourglass shape (though its hard to tell at the moment)  so tailored top and flared bottom isn’t always the most flattering look for me.
However, I just can’t help but love those beautiful flared skirt and blouse combos.

I also love a good breton stripe.
It’s so hard to find a flattering cut, though, despite all of the choice out there.
Last year I bought a gorgeous crop version from River Island, but I’m still on the market for a really great full length one.

Anyway, I struck it lucky recently in the Tu sale in Sainsburys and bagged a few pieces with which I’ll be sampling the look.
Including a breton jumper for £9, which I will score a 6/10.
The quality is perfect, but the length isn’t quite enough for me.

Look 1: Parisian.


There is something terrifying and beautiful about a floaty, light skirt.
I love this panel skirt, it’s woven with gold coloured fibres and has a really sweet nude belt.
It was on offer at £15 instead of £30 but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it.
It’s lovely, but I’m not sure if its me.
For starters, I like how the crisp black of the Breton top contrasts with the delicacy of everything else – and I love the pop of Neon on the necklace.
I’d wear this with either royal blue heels (trust me), brown vintage sandals, or pale ballet flats.

Look 2: Vibrance 


This picture doesn’t translate the colour of the skirt very well.
It looks rather neon, but in person the skirt is actually fuchsia.
It’s also got a really pretty mesh insert to the bottom, which only appears on the front. I actually like it better that way.
This is ordinarily a colour I would never wear, but something about it caught my eye whilst I was shopping.
This was a full priced piece, but reasonable at £16.
My only gripe is that the waistband at the back is elasticated, which makes the skirt really comfy, but not very flattering for the backside.
I’d ordinarily style this with a white or cream blouse, but I really like how it pops with the stripes!

So, what do you think?
Which is the better skirt?
Can you recommend a great fitting breton top?

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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