Weekend Roundup

This weekend has felt simultaneously wild and relaxed.
We went out with some friends on Friday to the Frog & Bucket, then spent Saturday mostly chilling.
Sunday we went to see Maleficent (which is great  – I may review it) and spent the rest of the day gardening.

I didn’t have half as much time as normal to take snaps, so this is a sparse one.
[I’m working away this week, and have a huge work project coming to fruition today, so I’ve been spread very thinly.]


I popped into Superdrug and took advantage of their 3-for-2 to bag some Barry M essentials.
This is “Station Road” – a beautiful chirpy yellow which I’ll be reviewing, along with the Gelly Shine Rose Hip shade which you can just about see on my toes.
I was also lucky enough to pick up their new Green-to-Pink lipstick which is awesome, and I’ll be reviewing that too.


I was pleased to see, whilst enjoying a coffee in the back yard, that my Dancing Ladies (or Fuchsia as grown ups call them) have started to open.
Don’t they look graceful!
Don’t judge my patio.


This poor little pumpkin has been poorly all weekend – we’re putting it down to a change in dog food.
Many sympathies for him.

I also made some killer pulled pork on Saturday, followed by the dreamiest chocolate sundae, but my iPhone camera is on the blink, so my paps of them magically disappeared.

Not unlike the actual food itself.

Mr Kitty & I also started the 30-day Ab Challenge (the App version).
We completed day 1 and I’m already aching.
I’m either going to adore this or detest it.

Did you have a great weekend?
What did you get up to?

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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