Weekend Roundup

Phew! This week and weekend has been absolutely HECTIC. 

We welcomed Mr Kitty’s aunt back from Shanghai for 2 weeks, plus I’ve been working away in North Wales and the South of England for a few days, which has been simultaneously nice and tiring.

My first stop on the trip was Llandudno, where I enjoyed what was undoubtedly the most delicious coffee & toast known to man.

photo 1

I then visited Newtown and Wisbech which took me through some lovely UK countryside which was totally underwhelming due to the horrendous weather we’ve had.
I did manage to pap this lovely(ish) mountain view (naughty!)

photo 2

I also volunteered, as I do every year, to do some bar work for the Parklife 2014 festival, which ended up being totally unnecessary as the rain spoiled the fun for most of the festival-goers, so my 5-hour shift turned into a pleasant cup of tea and an early finish.

We also went to a confirmation mass and lunch on Sunday at Salford Cathedral.
The catholic girl in me is ashamed to say it was terribly dull, although lovely to see Mr Kitty’s nephew all proud on the altar.

photo 3

I also figured out how to properly style victory rolls in the front, which has been on my to-do list for ages.

This came with the added clincher that is posting a selfie. I don’t like doing that, but there I am.

As our weekend was so busy, and my parents were on a trip themselves, Piglet stayed with my brother over the weekend.
He got to spend a night in with the lads, and from what I hear he stayed up way past his bedtime (which is about 11pm) and was so sleepy the following day.
You can see the silly sausage here.

How was your weekend?

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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