Weekend Roundup

 How miserable was this weekend in Manchester?

There wasn’t much sunshine at all, until Sunday afternoon, which was enough – its supposed to be a nice week, though.

On Friday Mr Kitty & I enjoyed some insanely tasty creole chicken burgers, then started to watch Glasto. I had to pick up the ‘rents from a fancy party at The Lowry Hotel, so no drinks for me, which actually felt lovely.

 Saturday morning I was at Ma and Pa’s which meant chilling out with cheeky Charlie, who is actually more of a grump than cheeky.

My awesome dress from Tiger Milly arrived, so I tried that badboy on and now I’m struggling so hard to save it for a wedding in a few weeks.

photo 5See!  Lovely!

Saturday night was a time for a few drinks, I had this delicious Hoopers cloudy lemonade – so refreshing, but a little sickly after the second one.
Good job I’m not a big drinker!

 photo 2

The remaining hours of the weekend were spent chilling out in the sunshine (finally) with Piglet.  Not quite getting that beach glow from the Crumpsall backyard, but its nice to have some heat!

 photo 1

Did you have a good one?

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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