Fitness Challenge Week 4 | Stopping the Excuses.

Here it is again – the Fitness challenge.
What I want to share this week is how I stopped giving in to my own silly excuses, which is one of the biggest steps I’ve made so far.

 First of all I had to identify my excuses. I wrote them all down for a few days as they came to me.

“But I’ve been good all day”
“Its only one”
“I’ll just not have a snack tomorrow”
“I’ll do an extra 20 minutes workout”
“Its too cold/hot/busy/late to go for a run”

This isn’t an exhaustive list, obviously, but then I had to think of something to combat these thoughts.
It’s really hard to have inner dialogue that disciplines you.
Really hard.

My reply has been to adjust my attitude. If I don’t give in to my excuses today, then tomorrow I am another day into being healthier.
I’ve stopped chasing the joy of right now, and started appreciating the joy of working towards a goal, instead.
Introducing my new mantra, which is now plastered over everything and applies to spending money as much as it does eating:

Don’t swap what you want most for what you want now. 

Off the back of that little Mantra, which I have been using since last Wednesday, I have lost another 0.2 inches of waist, which ain’t bad for under a week.

Today I am at Alton Towers, and I’ve actually been really good & brought lunch with me so I don’t end up buying chips.
Check me out!

Anyway, I’m going on The Smiler now.
Smell ya later.

Final KITTY suggestive digestive-01


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